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The Library Resource Centre plays an important role in supporting learning and teaching across the entire school communitBeFunky Collagey.  The Library Resource Centre is staffed by a fully qualified librarian, who is available to answer queries, recommend resources, support information literacy and promote reading for pleasure.


The main aims of the JGHS Library Resource Centre are:

  • to meet the information needs of all associated with the school: students, staff, parents and the local community
  • to ensure that there is an attractive and up-to-date selection of leisure reading materials to suit the needs and styles of all users
  • to provide the means by which every user (staff and student) can develop confidence in handling a wide variety of information sources
  • to offer advice, resources (print and digital) and expertise to support the delivery of the curriculum
  • to provide a welcoming atmosphere in which private study, quiet relaxation and constructive research can flourish
  • to make reading and the discovery of knowledge an exciting and pleasurable experience for all