Calendar and key dates consultation

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 Key Calendar dates for Session 14/15 (Draft for Parents and Pupils)

Notes Compared with last session several changes have been made to take account of:
• The views of Parents
• The views of Pupils
• The views of Staff
• Decant dates in 2015

Feedback on this (draft) is welcomed. Please include the change requested and the reason for the change.
All feedback to be emailed to to arrive no later than 4 Pm on Wednesday 18 June.

Reports Update
Many thanks to everyone who offered feedback on the format of the reports and their scheduling. The main concerns reported to us were:
1. The period of time between reports when pupils progressed from one year to the next and
2.The format of the reports.

In response we have:
1. Amended the timing of the reports, especially as pupils progress from one year to another.
For S4,5 and 6 the timing of the reports has been adjusted to better fit in with prelims and SQA deadlines.
2. We will amend the format of the reports to make them easier for parents to understand.

For S1 to S4 inclusive, Parents will receive three reports. There will be a full report with detailed comment from each of your child’s teachers and a further two ‘Progress’ reports which will be very brief and will highlight any areas of concern.
For S5 and S6, parents will receive an additional progress report.

Throughout next session we will also be developing an on-line version of a Pupil Profile which will capture each pupil’s reflections on their own learning.
This on-line report will also include details of each pupil’s wider achievements.

Donald J Macdonald (Headteacher)
12 June 2014 

Calendar and key dates consultation document