Clarsach Success

Posted on Jun 19, 2015 | No Comments

Many congratulations to all JGHS students who recently took Traditional Music Graded Exams on the Clarsach. A really great set of results (see below).

Many thanks and congratulations too to our clarsach instructors Mrs Collin and Mrs Pietersen.


Finlay Lawson Grade 3 Distinction
Cameron MacDonald Grade 3 Distinction
Jenny MacDonald Grade 3 Distinction
Nualla MacGregor Grade 3 Distinction
Iris MacLeod Grade 3 Merit
Callum McCabe Grade 3 Distinction
Laura Penman Grade 3 Distinction
Martha Cunniffe Grade 4 Distinction
Cliona McCabe Grade 4 Distinction
Sìne MacGregor Grade 4 Distinction
Sìm MacDonald Grade 4 Merit
Holly MacLeod Grade 5 Merit
Cara McLuskey Grade 5 Distinction