CYANS Families Event- ‘Happy and Healthy with Allergies’

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CYANS Families Event- ‘Happy and Healthy with Allergies’


Shaping the Future of Allergy Care for Children and Young People in Scotland

CYANS Families Event- ‘Happy and Healthy with Allergies’

24th June 2014

National Museum of Scotland
Chamber Street


10am – 12 noon Talks                                                                                                                    

Allergy as a problem

•    Young person
•    Parent

Calls for action
(Prof Jürgen Schwarze, CYANS lead clinician)

•    Ensure that children / young people with allergy are supported and protected, wherever they go
•    Access to easy to read, reliable allergy information for all
•    Easy local access to high quality medical allergy care.

Government response to CYANS recommendations and calls for action

(Dr Kate Mckay – Senior Medical Advisor to the Scottish government)

Lunch Provided 12 – 1pm

Please note that registration is required to attend the morning event – includes free lunch

12 noon – 3pm Allergy information fare


•    Information on allergic conditions and demonstrations by allergy nurses of medical devices in allergy, e.g. adrenaline pens, asthma inhalers, nasal sprays

•    Information on food allergy

•    Information on anaphylaxis

•    Charitable organisation with a focus on allergy

•    Supermarkets and special dietary providers offering samples of food products suitable for exclusion dietary requirements

•    Creation Station

1pm – 2pm


Discussion on:
•    How ‘Calls for Action’ can be addressed
•    How CYANS recommendations can be implemented

Download the programme as a PDF document