Edinburgh Food Bank

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Edinburgh Food Bank Collection

4th year pupils are running a campaign to generate food donations for a local Edinburgh food bank. This food bank helps people who cannot afford to support themselves or their family. This food bank is a charitable organisation and is run solely by volunteers. This campaign is asking all pupils and teachers to help donate non-perishable food items to the food bank, these will be collected from the 15th to 23rd of May in Registration.
Please encourage pupils to bring in at least one item – particularly canned food such as soup, tinned meat, dried pasta or rice, cereal, tinned fruit, tea and coffee, pasta/curry sauces, crisps and biscuits. 
Fresh food cannot be accepted due to health and safety for example fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh fish and meat and fresh juice and milk.  UHT milk and long life non chilled juice is fine. Formula milk is also needed.
Items such as nappies, deodorants, shower gel, shampoo and soap are in high demand along with food so donations of these items are also well received.
Crates to collect donations will be in registration classes between the 15th and 23rd May to collect all items.
Pasta, rice, biscuits, crisps, tinned fish, tinned meat, tinned fruit, cereal, chocolate, fruit juice, sugar, pasta, curry sauces, tea bags, jelly, coffee, noodles, bottled juice, UHT milk and nappies.
Thank you for your efforts.