The Pupil Support structure consists of 3 communties of learners: Kyi,  Maxwell  and  Raeburn.

The Pupil Support teacher for your son/ daughter can be identified from their registration class as follows:

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K1  or  K2
Ms Glass
K3  or  K4
Ms McQuade and Ms Kerr
M1  or  M2
Mr Warden
M3  or  M4
Mr Shankland
R1  or  R2
Mrs Pearce
R3  or R4
Mrs Graham and Ms Marks

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This school, as a community, will provide a welcoming and secure learning environment in which individuals can fully realise their potential in a climate of mutual respect.·To ensure that each pupil knows and is known personally and in some depth by a least one member of staff.·To help the pupil be aware of his/her own development and to accept responsibility for it.

·To identify and respond quickly to the specific needs of the individual.

·To foster the development of good relations between teachers and pupils.

·To work well with the home in all aspects of pupil development.

·To liaise with support and welfare services

·To systematise and make effective the recording and communication of information relevant to the welfare of individual pupils.

We have a responsibility to provide each pupil with personal, curricular and vocational PUPIL SUPPORT, and look after their progress and welfare.

We believe that all staff have a major role to play in the support and personal development of pupils.


Pastoral Care

Pupil Support staff aim to ensure that each pupil is known well by his/her Pupil Support Teacher and feels secure and safe in James Gillespie’s High School.  The relationship starts during the transition from Primary and Secondary school and is fostered by individual interviews, the teaching of Personal and Social Education and regular visits to register classes.

The Pupil Support teacher is someone for whom the pupil can turn when in need of personal, social or curricular support and is an important link between home and school for parents.

Personal and Social Education

Personal and Social Education is a fundamental aspect of the education of the whole child.  It is essentially concerned with the development of life skills.  All aspects of a child’s experience at home in school and out with school contribute to personal and social development.

Pupil Support staff are seen as crucial to the delivery of the PSE Programme.  They take all their classes for PSE although other specialist teachers are also involved.

Curricular and Vocational Pupil Support

Arrangements to help students make decisions about courses choices and careers are in place.  Careers advice and work experience are well managed and co-ordinated.  The importance of transition points P7-S1, S2-S3, S4-S5 is understood and procedures are clear, processes sensitive.  One to one interviews and progress monitoring are essential tools and good communication with staff is seen essential.

Pupil Support staff work closely with our Careers Advisor from Skills Development Scotland to ensure students receive up to date information and advice.  Our service level agreement is regularly revised to be responsive to school and individual needs.

Monitoring Progress and Attainment

The monitoring of student progress and attainment is a whole school responsibility. Review and assessment arrangements which are in place, are used where appropriate within subjects, in mentoring and  PSE.  The Pupil Support Department has the responsibility for generic learning and assessment issues and uses a number of strategies to do this.  These include one to one interviews, cause for concern enquiries, daily achievement sheets, target setting etc.



The Pupil Support structure is vertical with each teacher having students from all year groups.  The Pupil Support Coordinator is a Depute Headteacher.

Where are we?

The Raeburn/Kyi Pupil Support base is located at the top of the stairs which lead from the corridor between the foyer and the staffroom.  The Maxwell Pupil Support base is located on the ground floor of Bruntsfield House, just along from the Welfare office.

How can we be contacted?

Please note that all members of the Pupil Support/Guidance department have subject teaching responsibilities and therefore require notice if you would like an appointment to visit them. Pupil Support teachers can be contacted by telephone (0131 447 1900) or through the email links above.  You should receive a response within 3 working days. Some queries will take longer to be investigated/resolved but you will be notified should this be the case.

As a Pupil Support Department we are aiming for a proactive, consistent approach to our work across the school.  With a large department we appreciate that this can be difficult to achieve.  We would welcome your thoughts and suggestions for improvement on any matters relating to out policies, procedures and general role.