Please visit this page for information about Mathematics Competitions. It will be updated throughout the year with links to practise materials and dates. Your teacher will have more details if you require.

Enterprising Maths Challenge

  • This competition is a team challenge available to two S3 and two S4 pupils.
  • It takes place on 29th of September
  • You are required as part of a team to create a poster prior to the competition date.
  • Please attend room 2.05 after school on Monday 5th of September you are interested.


Scottish Mathematics Challenge

  • This is in individual challenge available to all pupils where you have to submit three sets of questions throughout the year
  • The questions can be found at this link.
  • You must be willing to complete all three sets to take part
  • You must give a detailed response to all of the questions to stand a chance to achieve an award.
  • If interested, please return your answers with the tear of slip to either your teacher or Ms Dolan by Monday 26th of September. This deadline must be met so we can meet the postage deadline.