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Important Curriculum Documents

Please note, these are subject to change as new courses evolve.

Review and Assessment Support


Tracking Progress

The N5 Senior Pupil Progress Tracker can be used to track mastery of all subskills across the entire course. It can also be used to keep track of all results in internal assessments.


Using Revision Packs as Homework

Your teacher may assign certain questions from the revision packs below as homework. If they do, they may ask you to refer to this document on How to Use Revision Packs for Homework.


Preparing for unit Assessment

It is very important to prepare sufficiently for internal assessments. Below are the review packs for each assessment standard in the course. Complete these prior to the unit assessment and S3 exam. There are links to the brightred Digital Zone revision pages for each topic within an Assessment Standard. You will need to create a free account to use this resource. It has videos and online quizzes. Many thanks to Millburn Academy for letting us link to some of their resources.

  • Other revision Materials
    • Create a free acount for the Brightred Digital Zone then head to the Maths page and find video tutorials along with practice online tests
    • SQA National 5 Webpage
    • Many of the links above come from the Millburn Academy website. Here is a link to their page. We would like to thank them again for allowing us to link to their website and for creating all the excellent and useful content.

Exam Preparation Section

To prepare for a Maths exam you must work through as many past papers as possible. Your teacher can provide further information. There are various ways you can attempt past paper questions:

  • After reviewing your learning of a topic, attempt past paper questions for that topic only.
  • Complete an entire past paper. Use your notes and the marking scheme as you progress through it. You should keep a note of each question you needed support for.
  • Complete a past paper, mimicking exam conditions as much as possible.
    • In silence (phone battery removed or in another room)
    • Timed

Past Papers by Topic

  • Credit Exam Questions by Topic
    • Note: Credit past papers contain certain topics that are not relevant and are missing others, however they are still a useful resource.
      • Ignore: Variation, Sequences
      • Missing: Vectors, Completing the Square, Discriminant
  • Credit Exam Solutions by Topic
  • Intermediate 2 Exam Questions by Topic
    • Note: Intermediate 2 past papers are missing topics that are in National 5, however they are still a useful resource.
      • Missing: Vectors, Completing the Square, Discriminant
    • Note: There are currently no written solutions to these questions. Please ask your teacher if you require assistance.

SQA Support

This document was created by the SQA. It has a list of all the topics and suitable questions you can attempt from past papers.

Practice Papers

A website called Maths180.com have kindly created six practice papers with solutions that model National 5 past papers. They also have video tutorials on their website.

Past Papers

National 5

Year Paper Solutions Video Solutions
2016 Link Marking Scheme Paper 1
Paper 2
2015 Link Marking Scheme Paper 1
Paper 2
2014 Link Marking Scheme Paper 1
Paper 2
Specimen Paper 1
Paper 2
At the end of the papers linked opposite. Paper 1
Paper 2

Credit and Intermediate 2

Credit and Intermediate 2 past papers are useful revision as they cover most of the topics for National 5. You can either access these files via a website links below or download them all in one folder but you will need extraction software for the second option.

Please note, Credit papers include the following topics that should be skipped: number patterns, variation. Intermediate 2 papers include more statistics than you are likely to be asked at National 5. Both Credit and Intermediate 2 do not assess the Discriminant, completing the square or Vectors.

Maths777 is a great website for finding past papers. You can find Intermediate 2 and Credit papers back to 2000 here. In addition, if you some how find the time to do all that, you can go back to 1993 Credit paper here! There are also more links below.

Prelim Information

Your teacher will update you with prelim information. However, in general, the prelim is very similar to the final exam. It is presented in the same way and has the same difficulty. It will have most of the course topics, likely up to the end of assessment 4. Therefore you can use past papers to prepare for it. The prelim is a much better predictor of likely exam success than passing unit assessments are. Remember, unit assessments are currently the gateway to entering the N5 exam. Passing unit assessments has no correlation with likely exam success.