Mr R. Irvine – Curriculum Leader of Languages, Teacher of French and German
Mr S. Charity – Subject Leader of Gàidhlig
Mr M. Alexander – Subject Leader of German, Teacher of Spanish
Mr P. O’Connor – Subject Leader of French, Teacher of Spanish
Mrs H. Pica – Subject Leader of Spanish, Teacher of French
Mrs A. Hudson – Teacher of German and French
Ms E. Sinclair – Teacher of French and Spanish
Mr N. Ponte – Teacher of French and German
Mrs S. Saqib – Subject Leader of Urdu


German – Mr Clemens Maria Odersky
French – Ms Clio Levoyer
Spanish – Ms. Isabel Maria Callejas Aguillar



“The limits of my language are the limits of my world”  

If we were to adopt a motto for the department, it would most certainly be the above. This sums up the message that we try to convey to our students when they visit our department.

 As well as promoting the study of languages, the Language Department at James Gillespie’s also aims to teach the importance and benefits of having multi-lingual skills in today’s world, whether at home or abroad.

We want to encourage our students to widen their horizons through language learning and overseas travel, to become global thinkers and help them understand their important role as citizens in an international, multi-lingual world.

In order to achieve all of the above and more, we strive to develop and improve our courses so that they remain attractive and relevant to the needs of our learners.

All staff in the department keep their own skills up to date through constant research, overseas visits and attending relevant courses. Wherever possible we try to encompass ICT into our lessons, the use of the interactive whiteboard being one of many.

We aim also to promote amongst our students an interest in the culture and traditions in the languages taught and to do this successfully we involve our language assistants who bring real authenticity to lessons.