Music Rehearsals 2013

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Music Rehearsals from Sept 2013
For the JGHS Christmas Concert at the Usher Hall on 17th December and beyond..
These groups are open to ALL pupils in the school, and we welcome new members.
Jazz Funk Band at lunchtimein B1
S1 Choir at lunchtimein S16
(starts on Monday 23rd Sept. No auditions and all welcome))
Wind Band after school in B1
(for any woodwind or brass player of grade 3 level or above)
(* Junior Band to start from January for grades 1 and 2 level players)
Chamber Strings at lunchtime in B1
(S4 to S6 string players)
Clarsach Ensemble at lunchtimein B13
S2/3 Choir at lunchtimein B1
(starts on Tuesday 17th Sept. No auditions and all welcome)
Senior Strings after school in B1
Training Strings after school in S16
(for any string player grade 1 to 3 level)
Percussion Ensemble at lunchtime in B17
Gaelic Choir at lunchtime in S16
(for all year groups, non-Gaelic pupils welcome)
Senior Choir after school in B1 (S4 to S6)
Chamber Choir after school in B3
(for all keen and experienced singers)
Guitar Ensemble after school in B1
Accordion Club after school in B16