Music SQA Practical Examinations 2014

Posted on Feb 25, 2014 | No Comments

Final performance exams for all National 5 and Higher music candidates will take place over 5 days from Monday 17th to Friday 21st March during the school day.
A visiting examiner from the SQA will be assessing all candidates, and these exams accounts for 60% of both the Nat 5 and Higher course award.
These are final examinations and will be held in room B1.
Pupils will be issued with a slip detailing their exam time which they should show their class teacher to be allowed out of class to attend their exam – candidates are required to arrive 20 minutes before the exam time in order to warm up and tune up. They will return to class once they have completed their exam.

Pupils travelling from Darroch must leave class 35 minutes before their exam time to allow for travel.

As many pupils as possible are scheduled for their exam while they are timetabled for Music, so there will be minimal impact to other classes and learning.

Click to download the timetable of these exams