The National Progression Award is a two year course currently running in S3 and S4.
A background in dance technique is preferred and candidates are asked to have a high level of motivation, a good participation record in PE and are committed to extra rehearsals outwith class time.
The course is made up of a range of units with a particular subject focus.
There is 1 mandatory unit in the course and two optional units:

Mandatory Unit:Dance 1
Dance – Choreography

Optional Units (Choose two from four)
Dance – Contemporary
Dance – Classical
Dance – Alternative Style
Dance – Jazz



Choreography Demonstrate choreographic skills. Use stimuli to create movement. Identify music and design appropriate to choreographic themes. Analyse a dance piece.
Contemporary Demonstrate skills and techniques in contemporary dance. Demonstrate contemporary dance sequences and phrases. Demonstrate the ability to recreate contemporary dance repertoire. N/A
Classical Demonstrate classical barre and centre work. Perform enchainments incorporating basic skills and techniques. Analyse a classical dance piece. N/A
Alternative Investigate a chosen dance form. Demonstrate dance skills and techniques applicable to a chosen dance form. Apply skills and techniques to the performance of a chosen dance form. N/A
Jazz Demonstrate skills and techniques of jazz dance. Apply skills and techniques to the performance of a jazz dance. Demonstrate appreciation of jazz as a dance genre. N/A


The mandatory unit Dance – Choreography allows candidates to develop choreographic skills which allow them to create movement, use stimuli and analyse a dance piece by an established choreographer.  The candidates will be introduced to choreographic devices and stimuli and will put these skills into practice through tutor led tasks and workshops.Dance 2

The optional units focus on the development and application of appropriate dance skills both in technique class and through the performance of tutor led dance sequences.

Assessment :

Visiting assessors appointed by the SQA will carry out the assessment of performance.

Candidates will also be assessed through written or oral presentations throughout the units under open-book conditions and through the completion of a logbook during the whole course.

Other Information :

PE kit suitable for dance (leggings, leotard etc) is required at all times and course folders brought to each lesson.
Short homework tasks and extra rehearsals will be set regularly throughout the course.

The course requires candidates to participate in at least 50% of all practical lessons. Failure to do so will result in the candidate being withdrawn from the course (this does not include pupils who are medically exempt from participation).