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Instrumental Music Service Policy and Procedures

Please click on the following link to read all information regarding your child’s instrumental music lessons:

JGHS Instrumental Instruction Policy and Proceduresupdated for 2017/18

NEW Instrumental Music Timetables 2018/19:

Mr Anderson – Piano

Piano Timetable

Piano Pupil List

Mr Ironside – Woodwind

Woodwind Timetable – Monday and Wednesday

Miss Barry – Voice

Voice Timetable – Thursday

Miss Picken – Cello

Cello Timetable– Tuesday

Mrs Collin – Clarsach

Clarsach Timetable – Tuesday

Clarsach Pupil List

Mr McGeary – Guitar

Guitar Timetable– Thursday

Guitar Timetable– Friday

Guitar Pupil List

Miss Moran – Violin/Viola

Violin Timetable – Tuesday

Violin Timetable – Thursday

Violin Pupil List

Ms Petersen – Clarsach

Clarsach Timetable – Tuesday

Clarsach Pupil List

Mr Warren – Chanter/Bagpipes

Highland Bagpipes/Chanter Timetable– Thursday

Mr Peters – Pipe Band Drumming

Pipe Band Drumming Timetable – Thursday

Mr Hodge – Brass

Brass Timetable – Monday and Wednesday

Brass Pupil List

Miss Melrose – Double Bass/Bass Guitar

Double Bass/Bass Guitar – Thursday OR Friday

Mr Rankin – Percussion

Percussion Timetable – Wednesday and Friday

Instrumental Resources


Please see the link below to our NEW Google Drive resource for pupils currently learning Clarsach. This features recordings of some of the pieces taught during lessons and will help when practising at home towards graded exams.

If there are any issues with the resource please contact our Performing Arts Co-ordinator, Mrs Shearer.

Clarsach – Music (Google Drive)