Pupil school email accounts

Posted on May 8, 2014 | No Comments

Pupil email accounts have recently been updated to Office365 and are no longer part of their GLOW account.

Pupil email addresses remain the same and are of the form 987654321@schools.edin.org using their SCN number which is the same number they use to log on to school computers.

To access their email they should now go to the website http://office365.edin.org/

In school this will automatically connect to their email account.  From non-school computers, they will then need to log on using their SCN number and usual school log-on password.

Any email sent prior to the changeover will still be available in their GLOW email account.  Any email sent since the changeover will now be sent to the new Office365 account.

Any pupil experiencing any problems with their email should speak to Mrs Barrass or Mr McCallum.