15 April 2016
Dear Parent/Carer

Relocation of Craigmount (S2) Pupils
You will have seen in the media that a number of schools in Edinburgh have been closed this week due to construction issues. The Council is making contingency arrangements to allow these pupils to return to education as quickly as possible.

From Wednesday 20 April we will provide accommodation for S2 students from Craigmount High School at our Darroch annexe. They will be joining us on a temporary basis. In order to ensure continuity, Craigmount pupils will be taught by their own teachers.

My senior leadership team will continue to work with colleagues at Craigmount to ensure the arrangements work efficiently for both schools.

I know you will join me in welcoming Craigmount pupils and staff to Darroch and support them during their time in our school.

Yours sincerely,

Donald j Macdonald


Letter to Parent re Craigmount Pupils 15 April 2016