S1 French

Theme 1: Les pays francophones

(August to December)
Exchanging Personal information.

In the 1st block of S1, pupils will become more aware of the wider French speaking world, increasing their general knowledge. They will learn the flags and nationalities of the countries. Attention will also be drawn to maps.
Pupils will be encouraged to adopt the identity of a person from another French speaking country and give personal information, including family, physical descriptions, age, where they live, pets etc.

Assessment Outcome 1
*Speaking – Answer questions & Listening – listen for information – MLAN 3-02A, 3-03A, 3-04A, 3-05A
*Writing – write about yourself – MLAN 3-12A

(*Poster with speech bubble of information, picture, flag etc)
MLAN 3-13A, 3-12A, 3-13B

Theme 2 : Mon collège et mes loisirs

(January to late March)
Education and Leisure

Pupils will develop an awareness of the differences between schools in Scotland and those in other French speaking countries. They will be able to talk about school subjects, timetables, daily routines and time, as well as give their opinions on school related matters.
Pupils will also learn to talk about hobbies and leisure pursuits. The y will be encouraged to investigate the preferred leisure pursuits of young people in wider French-speaking world.

Assessment Outcome 2
*Presentation on school (powerpoint)
MLAN 3-06B, 3-07A
*Writing (including poster) alternative
MLAN 3-12A, 3-13A, 3-14A (Peer assess)
*Speaking (carried out with presentation)

Theme 3: Où j’habite

(Early April to mid May)
Home life

Pupils will learn about homes in countries where French is spoken. They will look at the types of houses in the country and investigate what they look like inside and out. Pupils will be expected to draw, label and describe in French what the homes looks like

Assessment Outcome 3
*Listening MLAN 3-01A
*Reading to appreciate other cultures MLAN 3-09A
* Reading to find out information MLAN 3-08A

*At the end of Theme 3, pupils should be informed about the end of year project so they can begin to prepare.

End of year project –
Imagine you are from a French speaking country. You must give a presentation in French which includes the following information;

Theme 1:
1. Your name, age and country you are from, including nationality. Describe yourself and mention any pets.
Theme 2:
2. School and hobbies, mention what subjects you study, when schools starts and finishes, how you get to school, etc. What you do after school in your free time; hobbies and sports, likes/dislikes.
Theme 3:
3. Saying where you live, describe your house and town. Say what you have and what you do in your house. Also mention what you can do in your country.

*Projects should be presented in class via the IWB during the 1st week of June!