S1 pupils learn German for 1 period per week, usually starting as beginners.

In the first block of S1, pupils learn about the German speaking world. Within this context, they also learn flags and nationalities.

Pupils are encouraged to adopt the identity of a person from a German speaking country and give personal information, including family, physical description, personality, age, where they live, pets etc.

The second block focuses on school life and free time. Pupils will develop an awareness of the differences between schools in Scotland and those in other German speaking countries. They will be able to talk about school subjects, timetables, daily routines and time, as well as give their opinions on school related matters.

Pupils will also learn to talk about hobbies and leisure pursuits. They will be encouraged to investigate the preferred leisure pursuits of young people in wider German-speaking world.


A basic topic outline is below, as are links to the accompanying vocabulary booklets.

Vocab Book 1 (1-6)

Vocab book 2 (7-9)

Vocab Book 3 (10-17)

  1. Introductions / basic personal info
  2. Numbers
  3. Colours
  4. Days/Dates/months
  5. Birthdays
  6. German Speaking countries + where I live
  7. Family members
  8. Physical descriptions
  9. Personality


  1. School subjects
  2. Adjectives to describe school subjects
  3. Likes/dislikes
  4. Timetable
  5. Time
  6. Describing timetable
  7. What you eat at break/lunch
  8. Clothes/uniform