All S1 pupils study two languages. Your child will receive 2 hours of their main language (either Spanish or French) and 1 hour of their second language (either German or Gaelic)

S1 Spanish Course Outline

Theme 1: El mundo hispanohablante

August to January

Exchanging Personal information.

In the 1st block of S1, pupils will become more aware of the wider Spanish speaking world, increasing their general knowledge. They will learn the flags and nationalities of the countries. Attention will also be drawn to maps.

Pupils will be encouraged to adopt the identity of a person from another Spanish speaking country and give personal information, including family, physical descriptions, age, where they live, pets etc.


Theme 2 : La educación y los pasatiempos

February – May

Education and Leisure

Pupils will develop an awareness of the differences between schools in Scotland and those in other Spanish speaking countries. They will be able to talk about school subjects, timetables, daily routines and time, as well as give their opinions on school related matters.

Pupils will also learn to talk about hobbies and leisure pursuits. They will be encouraged to investigate the preferred leisure pursuits of young people in wider Spanish-speaking world.