All S2 pupils study two languages. Your child will receive 2 hours of their main language (either Spanish or French) and 1 hour of their second language (either German or Gaelic)


S2 Spanish Course Outline


Theme 1: Mi viaje a una ciudad hispanohablante


Pupils will learn about homes in countries where Spanish is spoken. They will look at the types of houses in the country and investigate what they look like inside and out. Pupils will be expected to draw, label and describe in Spanish what the homes looks like

Pupils will also study Spanish towns and cities with a focus on the capital city of Madrid. Pupils will then plan an imaginary week-long visit to a Spanish speaking city. They will say what you will/can do, where you plan to visit (sightseeing) , what the weather will be like and what the city will be like.


Theme 2: La música del mundo hispanohablante

November – December

A look at both traditional and popular music in Spanish speaking countries across the globe.

Pupils will find out about famous musicians and pop stars in these countries.


Theme 3: ¡Que aproveche!

Late February to April

Traditional foods and recipes in Spanish speaking countries

Imagine you live in other Spanish speaking countries. What do you typically eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

(Pancake Tuesday – cross curricular link with FHT)

Design restaurant menus from different countries etc.


End of year project: Una estancia en un país hispanohablante

May to June

Pupils will study the past tense in Spanish and then use it describe an imaginary visit to a Spanish speaking country and say what you did, what foods you ate. Make reference to traditional music and cultural aspects of the chosen country.


Countries to choose from:












Costa Rica


*Presentations should be carried out using ICT wherever possible