S3 French

Theme 1: Bienvenue chez nous

An introduction to tourism and promoting your country/hometown in order to attract overseas visitors. Start by discussing holidays in the past tense. Pupils say what they did on holiday to consolidate past tense. Pupils should then think about what makes our city an attractive holiday destination. Describe your home town/country in detail

Plan how to market your country as a tourist destination

Learners will be expected to produce brochures/ posters and short videos in the target language. This will be the main learning outcome and pupils will be expected to use ICT.

Learners will collaborate and work in small groups on these tasks. Each person in the group must be given a particular task/role in the group.

Pupils should discuss Edinburgh festivals and learn about other festivals/ traditions in the French speaking world e.g July 14th Bastille Day.

Theme 2: Je pète la forme

In this area the main focus will be health.

Learners will look at eating habits as well as issues around smoking, alcohol and drug abuse.

Learners will be expected to produce material in the target language that will help to raise awareness of the issues. This will be done via posters, role-plays, PowerPoint etc.

For example learners might choose to design a poster on healthy eating, write a role play based on smoking or create a PowerPoint on alcohol/drug abuse.

Theme 3: On s’entend bien

Relationships and the generation gap are key issues in this unit of the S4 course. We will talk about the relationships we have with others and look at common causes of conflict between different generations. Students learn language that will allow them to discuss how they get on with different members of their family. They will also discuss relationships that they have with friends; what makes a good friend etc.

Theme 4 (A): À votre service!

In the final theme learners will be expected to master transactional language and assume the role of both customer and service provider. There will be a lot of Listening & Talking in this unit and there will be some writing.

This will cover the following topic areas:

Hotels, restaurants, shops

*Learners will be expected to work with a partner and demonstrate to their class teacher that he/she is sufficiently competent in the language to provide a service and also to request a service in any of the 3 topic areas.

It is expected that each pair will write various role-plays, practise in class and eventually perform in front of the class teacher.

Each person will have to demonstrate that they can take the role of the person providing the service, as well as the person receiving the service (i.e. the customer)

Theme 4 (B): Film and Television

This will run alongside theme 4 (1 period a week)

Pupils will watch a French film and study related texts. Pupils will create a presentation about the film, discussing main themes, ideas, and giving a personal response. This will also help pupils prepare and practise for the “Added Value Unit” in S4.


It is expected that by the end of S3 learners will have banked sufficient evidence in the profile/record to prove that they have covered the E’s and O’s at either level 3, or 4.

It is expected that all pupils will have achieved Level 3 E’s and O’s by the end of S4 and that some may have achieved level 4.

Those who have confidently achieved level 4 E’s and O’s by the end of S3, should embark on a course in S4 that will lead them to National 5 level presentation.