This is an academic course primarily aimed at improving the candidate’s practical performance in a range of sporting activities.

There are 2 main aspects of the course:VBall

  1. Performance
  2. Factors Impacting on Performancen (FIP)

Structure of the Course:

1.        The course is made up of six activities and the pupils will spend 12 weeks on each.
They will decide as a class which activity they will participate in at the start of the year taking into account the availability of facilities.

Each activity will be studied alongside two FIP.

2.         Pupils will develop their understanding of FIP by working through a cycle of analysis in each activity.  Pupils will  investigate, analyse, develop and review their own personal performance in order to help them improve.

Activities will fall under various categories and classes will decide which activity to do. For example:

National Choices


All pupils are continually assessed in each activity and graded at either National 3, 4 or 5 level depending on their performance. Pupils must pass two activities at their desired level if the wish to sit the final assessment as well demonstrating knowledge of all FIP outcomes.

At the end of S3, all pupils will also complete a National 4 ‘Added Value Unit’. Candidates are required to partipciate in an inter-school competition and evaluate thier performance in order to complete this unit.

For National 5, pupils will be practically assessed in one activity of their choice in a one-off performance. This is worth 60% of their overall mark.
*Any pupils whose strongest activity does not feature in the course can still be assessed on this activity for their grade. 

Pupils will also complete a portfolio to assess their understanding of the FIP. This is worth 40% of their overall mark for the course.


Other Information :

PE kit is required at all times and course folders brought to each lesson.

Pupils are encouraged to participate in sport outside of school.

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Downloadable Resources

Activity Booklets

Gymnastics Data Booklet

Gymnastics Data Booklet


Football Data Booklet

 Homework Booklets

Homework Booklet 1

Homework Booklet 1

Assessment Booklets

Portfolio Questions

National 5 Portfolio

PDP & Training Diary Template

Match Analysis (Basketball)

Scatter Diagram (Badminton)


Performance Bookends