Theme 1: la vida escolar y el mundo laboral

Pupils discuss learning and how we feel about school and our subjects. They will study and compare different education systems and give an opinion on them.

Towards the end of this topic area, students will be expected to be able to discuss their future plans in Spanish.

This is also an introduction to the world of work, talking about different types of jobs, discussing part time work and how we earn money. Future plans will also be discussed, thus requiring students to use the future and conditional tense.

This unit will also focus on job applications in Spanish, writing CV’s etc.


Theme 2: La ciudadanía global

Global Citizenship is the main theme here. Pupils will look at issues surrounding child soldiers, child labour and poverty. They will design posters to be displayed around the school and send off red hands with signatures to the European Parliament in protest.


Theme 3 : El futuro de nuestra planeta

In this unit pupils will learn what we need to do in order to secure the future of the planet. They will develop awareness of many environmental issues and solutions to these problems. Students will be expected to use the language they have learned to produce posters to raise awareness.


Theme 4: La cultura y la literatura española

This unit is designed to help students develop more of an awareness of Spanish culture and traditions and comparing them to our own.

Students will be expected to describe traditional events in both Scotland and other Spanish speaking countries and look at their origins.