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Tell us when you were here, where you are now, what you are up to and please leave a valid email address for contact, thank you.
Can Former Pupils listed below please ensure that their email links are current and live

Please send all former pupil messages to admin@jamesgillespies.edin.sch.uk  – thank you.

JGHS 40th Anniversary Reunion – Class of 1964 – 1977
A reunion will be held on Saturday 18th November 2017 for former pupils of James Gillespie’s High School who attended JGHS Secondary and / or Primary and who left school in 1977 at the end of Sixth Year; 1976 at the end of Fifth Year; 1975 at the end of Fourth Year or earlier if moved away / left.

The day will start at 10.30am at the school for a tour of the new school with lunch at the Bruntsfield Hotel around 12.30pm.  The cost of tickets to include Lunch (two courses and a drink) will be £20.  Any extra proceeds after any admin costs will go the JGHS Trust, which provides support and funding for educational and extra-mural activities within the school.

If you would like to attend please email jghs1977reunion@gmail.com to confirm and get details of how to make payment.

Further details of meeting points etc will be circulated once you have confirmed attendance by making payment.

Please start looking out old photographs from your school days to bring along with you.We are still trying to reach more pupils in our year, so please do share the information as widely as possible, post on social media and encourage others to do the same.

Hello, I am Dr Lindesay Irvine (nee Malcolm) better known at school as Liddy Malcolm. Older sister Liz Malcolm ( 1963 – 1976) I was at JGHS 71-77, and JGPS from 1964 to 71. Was in Gilmore. Would love to hear from any one who was there at same time. Still in touch with Christian Elder nee Kinghorn, we sat together on day 1 of primary- alphabetical surnames! Many fond memories of school but mainly not educational! Am now a senior lecturer in Nursing at Queen Margaret University, and love facilitating people’s learning. Would be delighted if there was a reunion coming up for our group.

James Gillespie’s High School for Girls: “Year of 1966”A 50th Anniversary Reunion will be held at the beginning of July 2016 for FPs born in late 1947 / throughout 1948 who attended JGHS Secondary and/or Primary and who left school in: 1966 at the end of Sixth Year; or 1965 at the end of Fifth Year; or 1964 at the end of Fourth Year; or before 1964 if had moved away/left JGHS earlier.For details please contact: jghs66reunion@gmail.com stating your full name when at school.

Shelia Mitchell email to message board >
 I have just read so many messages sent by former pupils of James Gillespies High School for girls’. I started there at the age of four and a half in a Victorian house just around the corner from the school. Classes were from 9a.m until 1 a.m. At 5 transferred to the ‘big’ beautiful building. I attending from 42 – 47, and I have to say Gillespies really ‘formed my character’. Still love the building and all memories onf going to schonol on the txramcar with windows blacked out durjng the war. Am now jn Dorsrt.. name Sheila Mitchell…nee McConnell. People in class: Sheila Renilson, Sheila Amos, Eileen Watson  Doreen Hay, Rosemary Hutcheson…..if so please contact me.

Alison Collings, nee MacLeod email to message board >

I attended JGHS from 1965 -1977, emigrated to NZ in 1990. I think I was one of the naughty girls amongst other vibrant souls in my year, Valerie Haddow, Jane Ogden, the commonwealth diving star, Sarah{Jimmy} Hignett, Paula Sarria, Fiona Jack. Have very good and some hilarious memories from this excellent, educational institution.

I wonder if anyone recalls the Miss Nichols in the music cupboard incident!

Look forward to hearing from any of the girls I knew then.


Laureen Cass (now Lyall) email to message board >

James Gillespie’s High School for Girls The YEAR of ’64 – 50 YEAR REUNIONCalling all girls who left 6th Year at JGHS in 1964We met many of you in 1989 when we held a 25 year reunion.
Without email, we traced around 110 of you and 70 came to the lunch.
By popular demand, we are planning to hold a 50 Year Reunion in May 2014.
Details are in the early stages at present but if you would like to be notified of the event, please send your name (maiden and present) and email address to:-

No email? Send name and address to
Mrs L Lyall,
251c St Johns Road,
EDINBURGH. EH12 7XDAll offers of help to trace our class mates are gratefully received.Thank you in anticipation!

Laureen Cass (now Lyall)

Dianne Drover email to message board >
Hello all,
I came across this message board looking for information on my Great Aunt Cathie, who some of you will know as Miss Muir, the Headmistress of the Prep School!  I was only 6 when she passed away but remember her vividly, and the description that Lesley Gibbs left below; ‘the fearsome Miss Muir, the Headmistress of the Prep school, with her Race Day suits, feathered hats, and clicking heels that signalled an imminent classroom visit to read “the marks” for the term, or something more frightening!’ made me laugh.  It’s exactly how I remember her, although she was a softer Great Aunt than she was a Headmistress!
If anyone has any other stories about her, or photographs, please contact me, as I’d love to share them with my Mum and brother.

Sheila MacAllister / Burnie email to message board >
Hey Shelagh,
Sheila Burnie here. I’m not in touch with Elaine Gilmour but the bunch I keep in touch with might be able to help if you’ve not found her yet: ie Lesley Gibson, Julia Ross, Gillian Whitehead, Gillian Blacklock, Christine MacDonald (wasn’t she friends with Elaine?), Julie Harkness, Liz Charleson, Lucy Milne.
Your name came up recently when Lesley posted a collection of photo booth black and white shots and you were in them. Did you see them on Facebook? I think Elaine was in them too. We’re trying to put faces to the mid-70’s squash team photo posted recently. So familiar but the names have slipped away. I remember you clearly from our school days. Hope you are well.
All the best, Sheila

Lindsay Logan email to message board >
I attended for one year only in September 1972, Lindsay Logan, I lived on Little Road, before moving back to Northern Ireland.
I would like to hear from anyone in that year, it was girls only then.
Lindsay Logan

Sheilagh Macfarlane email to message board >
My name is Sheilagh Macfarlane nee Rowan. I was at gillespies from 1972 to 1978. Living in Dundee now, a nurse for past 30years. Looking to contact an old classmate. Elaine Gilmour.

Laura Garriock email to message board >
I attended JGHS from 1957 to 1970 leaving at the age of 18. I was Laura Mouat at that time and have many fond memories of my time there. In my first year at secondary I was in 1L and subsequently was in Warrender house. I am still in touch with Anne Snoddie (nee Woolman) but would like to hear from some more of ex class mates.Laura Garriock

Elma email to message board >
Hi Barbara Peffers
This is Elma Hannah (Carnegie). I remember you living at 12 Marchmont St when we lived at no.3.
Your sister is Evelyn & we often played together. My sister was Kathleen.
I remember when your cat had kittens.
Moira Rennie lives in the borders.
Cheers Elma

Alison Aitken (now Lange) email to message board >
Hi Ruth
I don’t think you imagined the fireplace. I remember that as well, and the milk which I usually poured down the sink. Also the wooden ramp up to the entrance to P1 classroom in Bruntsfield house before the new school was built. (the window became to door into the music room. Think the bear was called ‘Jimmy Gillespie’, a polar bear.
Alison Aitken (now Lange)

Farooq email to message board >
Hi Elaine (Dickie) made an error on my first message, not 40 years since i left school, but 30 years, making myself older than i am. possitve that you were in my class at school from 1977 onwards, also at primary school as well. just like you looking to catch up or meet old classmates from the past, i am still in Edinburgh and have two sons also, be good to hear from you or others that where in my class

Farooq email to message board >
Hi Elaine, not sure if you are the same person I am thinking off, but my name is Farooq, if you are I’m sure we were also in the same class at primary 7. It’s  40  30 years since I left, and I looked at message board just to see if anyone was around when I was there, never kept in touch with anyone, never had the same technology as we have today.Farooq

Dougal Stewart email to message board >
I attended JGSB between 1961 and 1966 when it was in the former Napier College building in Marchmont Road and Derek Scobie was headmaster.Best mates were Douglas Mackenzie and Colin Hepburn, whom I would like to make contact with, now I am back in the area (Scottish Borders).I left in 1966 when my father’s job took him down to London, and I steadily worked my way back up the country when changing jobs.Dougal Stewart

Shelagh Lee email to message board >
I have many fond memories from my time at JGHS. I was Shelagh Macfadyen at that time and joined in 66 for S4,5 and 6. I started at the same time as Irene Carrick, Fiona Mcpherson and Jean Brown.I found it quite hard to settle into a new school but was reluctant to leave when the end of S6 came round! I remember Miss Marr and Miss Lambert and lots of the other names mentioned by others. I got the chance to try new things like fencing and playing in hockey teams.  I do remember the new dining room with round! tables. Does anyone remember the S6 games I organised ?! I went on to PE college with Gillian Wilson and have not long retired from many years in teaching [ not always as PE]. Good luck to present and future pupils – it is a great school.Shelagh Lee

JOHN MACLEOD email to message board >
Her very many former pupils will be sad to learn of the death of Miss J C Mcintyre on 4th February 2012. Miss McIntyre was for many years Principal Teacher of History at James Gillespie’s High School and was among senior staff presented to HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother when she formally opened the Lauriston Place campus in April 1966. (Miss McIntyre always claimed that her colleague, ferocious PE mistress Miss Lambert, had swiftly to intervene at one point that day to prevent Her Majesty toppling into the new swimming-pool.)Large, ebullient and characterful, with a much-loved cache of catch-phrases – these included, ‘Speak of angels, hear them flutter!’ as greeting to latecomers; ‘Fossilised ju-jubes!’ and the occasional threat of banishment to Outer Siberia – Miss McIntyre’s arch Aunt Dahlia ways never masked entire grasp of her subject, easy but unquestionable authority, an astonishing gift for bringing events and personalities to life, occasionally even from her own experience: she was emphatically herself a child of Empire and was, if memory serves, born in the Raj. And, if you made it to her A-level history class, she brought chocolate to every lesson…Miss McIntyre stepped down in the mid1980s and had a long and serene retirement.

Patricia(Pat) Bromley nee Moore email to message board >
I am looking for a friend called Elspeth Campbell, my friend when I lived in Gourock in 1949/50 I cannot remember where she went to school, this is part of my effort to find. We did so much together during those 2 years (including cycling to Inverness and back over 2/3 weeks – wonderful trip). It would be such good fun and very rewarding to make contact with her again. I think we were the same age (I was born in 1931), her brothers name Donald. I believe see moved to Ireland in the 50s and we lost touch.
Hazel Ross email to message board >
From Hazel Ross (Muir) pupil at JGHS from 1945 through 1958 now resident in California USA
I was just reflecting about school days and the (to me at that time questionable) foresight of staff…
At the end of third year we all had to make a choice regarding which “Highers” we wanted to take, which would, in turn, influence our ultimate career choices.
I recall being approached by Miss Campbell of the art department and scorned her suggestion that I should “do art” in fourth year. I was a somewhat disruptive (bored) student in the compulsory art classes where there was a permanent dearth of white poster paint. I told her that I certainly did not wish to become an art teacher… and headed off to the science labs and ultimately a career in dentistry.
Now at the end of 2010 I look back and wonder what Miss C would say now… because all these years later (having studied art much later in life) I now regularly teach a drawing class and I have my art work hanging in collections all over the world.
Linda Matheou
email to message board >
Hi there,
I was idling through the message board and recognised a couple of names of girls who had been in my class. [ 1F3 ] I’ve never done this before, but got caught up in it after I needed to look for a school photo of a friend.
My name then was Linda Haston and I was at the school from 1960—–1964. In my class were Vivienne Milne, Helen Lawson,Joan Utterson [I wonder if she wants her Cliff Richard record back. Its got her name on it too!! ] I sat next to Frances Hogg [alphabetical order ] and also in Mrs. Dobbie’s science lab. Frances showed me the finger in the tin, found in the woods trick’ in said lab. It made me scream so loudly that Mrs. Dobbie thought I’d been overcome with fumes and made me lie down. Of course, I realised immediately that it was Frances’ finger when she wiggled it ,but had to play along with the fumes thing.
I remember so many funny things in the lessons of certain teachers like Miss Donaldson for instance! Miss Lambert’s gym class………..No!!! That wasn’t funny! Those hairnets that ended up in shreds! What a great place to get a verrucca! [I’ve actually never had the pleasure of one of these to this day!]
I’ve been married twice and have six children. They are Emily, Matt, Chloe, Zach, Robin [girl] and Eve. They are teacher, hedge funder, actress, carpenter, P.R. and chef respectively. I live in Esher , Surrey but have spent some years in Monaco.
I’d love to say more but better not as I don’t want to take up more than my allotted space. I would love to hear from someone. Who knows?
They might live in my road!!
Barbara Peffers
email to message board >
Hello, I am Barbara Peffers.
I started school in 1948, I think. 1948 – 55/56?
I remember the first day, standing there between the adults, we young children at knee level, crowded in to the room with the balcony in Bruntisfielld House.
The Mothers were being addressed by someone – the Headmistress?
I don’t remember the details of the event, but the room is clear in my mind.
The Headmistress was Bertha Mackay and my first teacher was Miss Kissock (sp?)- B class
I was in Gilmour.- the blue house, (But in P1 we were Bluebirds, Canaries, Robins and Greenfinch.)
I stayed at Gillespies till the end of primary school and then went to Boroughmuir.
I would be very pleased to hear from Moira Rennie (A class) and Marothy Wallace who was in my class.
Good time, good place. Thanks,Barbara.
Aileen Porter nee Stevenson
email to message board >
I was at JGHS from 1951 to 1956, starting in class 1A1. I would really like to hear news of Lily Maclean, Myra Holland and Lois Marshal. I have lived in various areas of Germany since 1967, now in the north-west near the Dutch border. I am married with two children, a boy and a girl, and I have three grandchildren and a step-grandson. I have just retired after more thn 30 years of teaching English (as a foreign language), but still do the occasional translation and proof-reading. Hope to hear from someone;
Ruth Innes
Greetings from sunny Portobello, Gillespie girrrrls, Ruth Innes here.  I attended JGPS from the age of 4 till I left at 17 (19601973 I think).  I have mixed memories of Gillespie’s – some good and some I’d rather forget.  I think we started off in classrooms in the old house and I remember roaring fires and milk going warm in the fireplace. Or did I imagine the fire? Then we were in those huts but I do remember a few years being transferred to the school at the top of the Meadows which became Boroughmuir Annexe, I think.  At Primary I was best friends with Valerie Kidd and Joyce Stobie and then later with Jean Talbot, Susie Bowes, Karen Dickson and Alison Simpson. I am still in touch with Jean and Joyce occasionally.
Memories include ‘a penny for the bear’ at the zoo; chewing the elastic on my panama hat; fitting as many badges as I could to my blazer; singing Fidelis et Fortis in Latin and ‘And Did Those Feet’ at the Usher Hall on Founder’s Day; being cruel to Miss Nichol at singing and Mr ? at RE; walking past the new young male science teacher in the library with lustful thoughts (what was his name? Lawrence?); thinking Miss Walker the French teacher was the most glamourous woman I’d ever seen; and keeping out of Miss Lambert’s way as much as possible.
I did attend a reunion a few years ago and I think there were some shocked faces when they saw my dog collar. Yes, who’d have thought that I would become a priest in the Scottish Episcopal Church?  I think I could have safely taken bets back then that this would never happen!  I am divorced with two grown up boys (Craig and Gareth, both ex-Gillespie’s too).
I am doing a funeral this week of an ex-Gillespie girl and her daughter told me about this Message Board. I’d love to hear from you if you do remember me. My sister, Carol, also went to Gillespie’s from about 1965. 
Susan Wood (now Quinn)
Hi, I attended Gillespie’s from 1967 to 1973.  I was Susan Wood then and am now Susan Quinn.
I remember the old place very fondly apart from the uniform.  It took me until I was fifty before I could bear to wear navy blue!
I would love to hear from anyone from that era.
I got married and had children immediately after leaving school, but in my forties my husband and I went to university as mature students and I got a BSc (2:1) in Computing for Industry at the age of 47.  We now run our own small business in computing.
During fifth and sixth years I had Mrs Walker for French, Mr Hay for Latin and Greek, Miss Cameron for English, Miss Reid for Maths, Mr McKenzie for Physics and Mr Galt for Biology.  Does anyone know what happened to them all?
It’s nice to see photographs of the school. It seems to have changed very little since my day!
Please get in touch if you remember me. 
Steve Richey
Hello from the USA, my name is Steve Richey. i attended JGHS from 81-85 moved to Ohio, USA in 86. Got married have 3 kids & the rest is history. Would like to hear from anyone that remembers me.
Ellen Marchand (né McGeorge)
Greetings from Florida, USA.
I wonder if there is anyone who attended JGHS for girls way back from 1932 – 1942 ?  My name was ELLEN McGEORGE then.  If it rings a bell with you please email me at ……   LNDMarchand@webtv.net .  I have such fond memories of both classmates & the wonderful teachers who prepared me for life’s ups & downs.  Sadly, due to the passage of time, it’s too late to express my heart-felt thanks  to them personally, but they live on in my memory after more than 60 years !  They all taught me to love learning & I became a teacher myself, instilling in my charges a quest for knowledge.  At age 82, I still have that thirst, sopping up information about any subject……like a human sponge.
For the past 28 years I have lived in Florida. Having lost two wonderful husbands I am alone, but never lonely thanks to my near human cat “Atticus”, an adorable ferret, still amazingly playful at the ripe old age of 7 & a gorgeous Siamese FightingFish called “Adonis”.
I am the matriarch of a large family,  3 daughters,10 Grands & 7 Greats,  all resident in England. I hate not being near them, but , c’est la vie !!
I do hope this will bring some response from someone.  Fingers are crossed. 
Lizzie Kean (né Leitch)  
How wonderful to read all the recognisable things about having attended Gillespie’s. I’m really sorry I missed the reunion, and hope I may catch one in the future. It would be worth the flight.I was a Gillespie’s girl from 1964 to 1970. I remember how Miss Marr would deliberately walk down the ‘up’ stairs, and watch grimly as the sea of girls parted for this most formidable of maths teachers. But if you were lucky enough to be in her class….. she was inspiring, enthusiastic, patient … I really wanted to get it right for her.
Other memories: Miss Reid with her flying gown, a huge pile of books,and too brilliant to get simple sums right on the board. Miss Nicholls (nickname Merry Nipples!) Mr. Dalgliesh the geography teacher, Miss Steel, in the beginning, the French M’selle, Miss Jenkins who despaired of me ever managing to finish a piece of sewing!
The hat was called a four-pointer, and if you were caught outside school without it, you got prefect’s point. The trick was to fix it as far to the back of your head as possible using kirby grips so that it was actually invisible from the front.
Playing a role in the production of Iolanthe (together with the boys from Heriots, oh excitement!) with a plaster cast on my ankle.
All my studying of music with Tommy Somerville, and later Miss Cresswell for technique, paid off, I am a professional musician, have been since I left school.Thank you, JGHS for Girls, for a great beginning.
Anna Boltaeva
Hello from Moscow, Russia!I went to J.G.Primary school for a year in 1998-99 and my brother Tim
attended 1st-3d forms at J.G.H.S. in 1997-99 when our father was at the
Russian General Consulate in Edinburgh and we lived in 25, Thirlestane
Rd.We love the time we spent at school and miss our friends.
I am 14yo now & I hope to go to Edinburgh next summer & visit the
school. I would also like to have a pen-friend & possibly exchange
visits during some vacations.Tim is a 1st-year Moscow University student, Law Department.
Patrick Hutton
JGHS 1975-81. Interesting comment from John McLeod. I remember Mis MacIntyre very well – she drove in from just round the corner in a Triumph (Toledo?) – and when one girl in my class had a brass Indian Civil Service badge on her schoolbag Miss M wandered off on a tangent about having been born in the Raj. Stuart MacDougall I liked – he was a big help in the university application process and a thoroughly nice bloke, despite his ‘Little Hitler’ tag. Mr Cairns, from Tech Drawing, alas now dead, was another fun teacher – he ruled his class with a rod of wood.Went to Uni in London, since then back in Edinburgh, about to complete 25 years service.
John MacLeod
I attended James Gillespie’s High School from April 1980 (arriving for the summer term of Second Year) to my departure with the rest of Sixth Year in April 1984. It was a difficult adjustment from the highly conservative establishment I had attended in Glasgow – Gillespie’s was much more informal, had a very American high school feel to it, no daily Christian worship and was much more socially divided, covering a huge catchment area. But there were some outstanding teachers – I remember Miss Cuthbert (English) – she retired in June 1983 – and Miss MacIntyre (History) with particular affection, and Mr Johnston, who taught History and Modern Studies; and Mr Hay, a Latin teacher who retired in December 1981. Two teachers from that era, Mr Leslie (Chemistry) and Mr MacDougall (History) both died tragically young, as did one of my classmates, Alan McMurray, killed on duty as a West Lothian policeman in 2006; and a member of the enjoyable Senior Choir in the year below me, Moray Fotheringham.But there wasn’t the terrifying sanction of corporal punishment (it was still in use in the city, but not at Gillespie’s) and bullying was far less of a problem than in Glasgow. Those things I did appreciate. Uniform was then still quite widely worn at Gillespie’s but receded rapidly even in those four years. The school was also then incredibly crowded – new facilities have since been erected, if inevitably at the loss of some greenspace; but the Second Year I joined spent four days a week in the ‘Annexe’ off Gilmore Place, formerly Darroch High School and a very antiquated, dusty place… though it boasted Sean Connery as a former pupil.After four years at Edinburgh University I stumbled into journalism and these days write a weekly column in the Scottish Daily Mail, as well as pumping out the occasional book.  I still remember JGHS with wary respect; as far as I know only two teachers from that era, Mr Watson (PE) and Mr MacLeod (Modern Languages) are still in harness.John MacLeod
Elaine Cochrane (now Mrs Roth)
Hello,       I posted my information on these wonderful boards, a year ago.  I attended JGHS, from 1943 to 1956.
I am wondering if anyone knows the where-abouts  of some of my class- mates …namelySandra Downie,  Catherine Carlow,  Phyllis Lambert ,  Vivienne Coghill,  Sheila MacLean, Catherine McLeod, Marion Stephens, Margaret Campbell ,  Maureen Riach,  Gillian Adams….. to name but a few.  I would appreciate  knowing , if  such information is  available.
Thanks , in advance,Elaine Cochrane (now Mrs Roth )

Rosemary Mucklow
I attended James Gillespie’s High School for Girls from 1937 until 1949.  My sister, Margaret Mucklow, attended JGHS from 1930 until 1942. I emigrated to the US in 1959.  I am now 76, my sister died in 1979.Rosemary Mucklow
Director Emeritus
National Meat Association
1970 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94612Click here to view a recent publication about Rosemary and her Works in the USA >
Scott McNaughton
dear schoolites,
as an ex pupil who left in 1980 to study in england before settling in australia, i find the success of your south african project an inspiration.small scale perhaps, but it shows what can be achieved where governments fail.i have no doubt that this is helping the pupils to grow both individually and as the sum of its parts, and that to most of them the idea that the colour of one’s skin should be an issue would be seen as bizarre.there are good and bad everywhere, but this outpouring of support provides hope.let us hope the rest of scotland and places further afield catch up.scott mcnaughton
Lesley Gibbs, formerly Nisbet
Hello! My name is Lesley Gibbs, formerly Nisbet.
I started at JGHS as a 5 year old in 1959, and left in mid 1965 when my parents emigrated to Australia. I’m now in New Zealand, where I’ve lived for 37 years, and have just discovered this website!In this part of the world, my JGHS memories are very special, as I have no-one to reminisce with, from my time at the school. What a great education it was, and I so value the sacrifice my parents made to send me to Gillespies.I remember going “up the ramp” in the old building to the big classroom where Miss Murray taught the 5 year olds. I so remember the big woods nearby, the long driveway leading down from the archway on the street, and making ice slides in the winter ; walking across the snowy Links after school, and stopping to slide on our schoolbags down the slopes there ; and “No eating in school uniform – you are Gillespie Girls!”Someone asked on this message board if anyone remembered Miss Lambert, the PE teacher. I certainly do!! No sympathy or understanding for winter coughs aggravated by gym activity – she just shouted at the noisy ones to “Stop coughing!!” (As if…!)Loads of memories – being chosen to go to the Founder’s Day assembly at the High School, growing daffodil bulbs in the classroom cupboard so they’d be ready for the above occasion. Teachers such as Miss Dewar, Miss Gaul, Miss Anderson, Miss McGregor who had very bad arthritis, Miss Nichol the music teacher, and of course, the fearsome Miss Muir, the Headmistress of the Prep school, with her Race Day suits, feathered hats, and clicking heels that signalled an imminent classroom visit to read “the marks” for the term, or something more frightening!I’m married with two children aged 26 and 18. Scotland is still very important to me, and my son recently got married in a kilt. I’ve been a teacher of English as a second/other language for the last 11 years or so. All that English grammar we had to do certainly paid off!I’d love to hear from anyone who remembers me – Odrian Brown, (who I have seen once since then) – some other friends/classmates were Vanda Gorskowski, Janice Weir, Lorraine Weavers, Seonaid McGlynn.Lesley Gibbs.
Muhammad Shahzad
Hello, my name is Muhammad Shahzad. I attended JGHS during 1993 – 1995 and passed Standard Grades (ScotVEC # 930623121). I had a good time there and very fond memories of Edinburgh UK . After that I went back to my country Pakistan and did Intermediate Pre Engineering in 1997. I did B.Sc Mechanical Engineering from University of Engineering & Technology (UET) Lahore in year 2002. My 1 st job was at Sohrab Cycle & Motorcycle Factory PCICS Ltd Lahore and served there for a period of 4 & 2/3 years in the capacity of Assistant Manager PPC & Vendor Development. During this time I also did M.Sc Engineering Management from UET Lahore in year 2005.
Currently I am working as Management Associate-Industry Support Cell in SMEDA (Small & Medium Enterprises Development Authority) Lahore and at the same time also doing Ph.D Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering from UET Lahore. I am living with my parents, wife Durdana, 2 years old daughter Amna and 1/2 year old son Ahmad.I think my best memories of JGHS are with all the great teachers who made me what I am today, so thank you all for everything. I really miss you all and my friends. I desire if there will be any sort of reunion for the students & teachers? Please keep in touch and if anyone wants to email me my address is m.shahzad@engineer.com and shahzad27@hotmail.com I hope to hear from anyone who remembers me. My Home Address is P-16 Staff Colony Engineering University G.T Road Lahore-54890 Pakistan. Phone: ++92-42-6821277, 9029155 Cell:0321-4566808. All the best with the future, thank you.
M. Shahzad
Doreen Watson (now Moore)
I attended james Gillespies school between 1943 and 1954
My name was Doreen Watson (now Moore). On leaving school in 1954 I attended Skerry’S business college for 6months and got my 1st job as a typist with Mcvitie & Price. I then moved to Aberdour in Fife where I stayed for 2years before getting married. I married into Army life which I thoroughly enjoyed travelling round the world. I spent almost forty years of my life working as a Civil Servant with the Ministry of Defence.
I am now living in Dalgety Bay and making the best of my retirement. If there is anyone who can remember me I would like to get in touch and see if we could meet for a reunion. My E-Mail address is paulanddoreenmoore@gmail.com
Shona Dawes
I only attended JGHS for 6 months in the latter half of 1988, but it remains my favourite six months of high school, altogether.
My family moved to Australia in 1989 and I have lived here since. I’d love to hear from 1st year of ’88.
Elaine Cochrane…now Mrs Roth.
Hello to all the girls who attended JGHS from 1943 till 1956. My name was Elaine Cochrane…now Mrs Roth. I trained to be a nurse, in “Edinburgh Royal Infirmary” , when I left school. in mid 1961 I was hired, in Edinburgh , to become a stewardess / flight attendant. I was based in New York and flew as far as Hong Kong, and saw many cities and places. I was ,however,eager to return to my Nursing, so I returned to Scotland in late 1962 . I sailed from Greenock, to reach Montreal, Canada, in late April 1964 and worked in ” Montreal Childrens Hospital.” I returned to New York in February 1965 , to marry a fellow I had met ,in 1962.I would love to hear from anyone, from my years at JGHS.
My E-Mail address is Qmouse10@aol.comBest wishes to all Fidelis et Fortis
Elaine Gould (nee Dickie)
My name is Elaine Gould (nee Dickie). I attended Gillespies High from 1977 to 1983. Many happy memories and not enough hard work. I’m now living in Lancashire and I work for the British Army although I don’t have to wear the green kit.
I took myself back to college at a later date when more inclined to study and attained my qualification in Pharmaceutical Sciences. I am married and have a beautiful ready made family consisting of two boys. Would love to hear from the old crew if any still around.
Looking back very happy days, if only I’d listined when I was there I would’nt have needed to become a mature student, so let that be a lesson to all of you still at school the hard work pays off.
Hazel Ross (nee Muir)
27 -6 – 07
From Hazel Muir pupil from 1945-1958. Ah fond days with happy memories!
It was in the days of “Beanie” Monroe, “Nippy” Napier, Mabel Marr, “Andy” Anderson and Tommy Somerville. Does anyone remember the gorgeous blond Herr who looked like Hitler youth and spent the year romancing the French M’mselle?
The school house plays… and the trouble they caused when we put on Pygmalion and Samson Agonistes! We plagued Fergie who went on to become headmistress, and probably drove Margaret Raffan (French) to a nervous breakdown!
My close pals and partners in crime were Isobel Lamb, Mary MacGregor and Eunice Spiers. I now live in California where I have “refound” my first love, art, and spend my days painting wildlife and remembering the Scottish weather.
Margo King [nee Kemp]
30 – 5 – 07
I started school at the age of 5 and 9 months in 1939 just before the outbreak of World War II, in fact I was no sooner in the door when the school was closed and a request went out for accommodation around the city. My parents responded to the call and we had ten desks delivered to our home at 20 Allan Park Gardens and installed in our lounge. Our teacher, Miss Kissock came three days a week and conducted classes with our dog sometimes sitting on her lap. The playground was our back garden while mother and Miss Kissock had a reviving cup of tea. This arrangement laster for a few months and then we were ‘back in school’.My elder sister, Christine and I travelled by tramcar each day from Happy Valley to the foot of Viewforth and then we walked up the hill, Sometimes running if we were late. I played the violin in the School Orchestra at the end of year concert in the Usher Hall. I spent the seven years of primary school at Gillespies before moving to Glasgow and attending Hutchesons’Grammar School.My friends at Gillespies included Julia Flockhart, Janice Robertson – whose wedding I attended when she became Mrs Janice Donaldson – Mary Frizzel, Frances Thomson, Maureen Jamieson and Morag Strachan whose parents had a Hairdresssing business round the corner from the Pavilion Theatre. Primary 7 was spent on the top floors of Bruntisfield Primary School as there was no room for us within Gillespies’ many classrooms and I left in June 1946.I remember being asked to bring into school a ‘toy’ to play with in the event of an Air Raid while we were in school. I took a lovely doll which my sister had bought for me at the Empire Exhibition in Glasgow in 1936. Baby Joan was locked in a cupboard in the classroom but the ‘toys’ were never needed and the cupboard was opened some time later. Sadly Baby Joan had ‘gone’ and I never say her again. I can still remember butsting into tears many times in the middle of a meal and wailing B a b y J o a n. I eventually got another similar doll, and still have her, but she was not the same. I married Gordon King in Glasgow 50 years ago this year and we have four married sons and eight grandchildren. We have had many adventures along the way, but I never forget being a Gillespie Girl.
Kev Glacken
Hi folk’s Kev Glacken here.
Was at JGHS from 81-86 and just want to say hi to any of the old mob. Still in Edinburgh and working as a Telecoms Engineer with Lothian and Borders Fire and Rescue. Anyone wish to contact me please feel free. Email kev_kevino@yahoo.com.
Cheers Kev
Sara Brightley
My name is Sara Brightley,
I was at James Gillespies from 1966-1976/77. It was the last year of girls only so the years following us were mixed.I am keen to make contact with Susan Hogg who left a message for me to make contact in 2003 but her email is no longer correct and Gillian Aitkin. I have very happy memories of the school. Does anyone else remember Miss Lambert in PE? I had Elizabeth Charleston in my class and I recall hearing about and watching the start of her brothers acting career. Ian went on to star in Chariot’s of Fire and tragically died a number of years ago. If anyone else remembers me I’d love to hear from you. My email is s.jturle@btinternet.com
Robert Burns Gray.
Known as Roy Gray
I am in my 80th year and am writing my biography. I have reached the age of 5 in my writing and am starting school at James Gillespie’s School for Boys at Marchmont. The year, circa 1931 until what was then my “Qualifying Year”, 1937.
There woud appear to be no records of this period, neither at school nor at the Edinburgh Library.
I can remember my first day at school but little else until the Qualifying year and would hope to find some more information. To help, I recall that our teacher, in this last year, was a Miss Silver and that, I think, we had 2 sets of twins in this class.
I left Gillespie’s to go to Musselburgh Grammar as the family was now staying in Musselburgh. I moved to Galashiels in 1957 and have lived, and worked here, since that year.
Is there anyone “out there” who might be my age and have been at school at this time. ?? If so, I would love to make contact and, even better, swap stories, such that my biography might be a “mite” more full of life than it presently appears that it might be.
Looking forward with more than a little interest. Roy.
Moira Ross
2 – 11 – 05
My name is Moira Ross – I was a student at JGHS from 1966 to 1969 – the year that the ‘new school’ opened. I remember seeing both the clock tower hands and the windows spinning. I remember being in the film society and watching a version of Macbeth in Japanese… Wearing my hats when I came and left to school then sticking them in my pocket. Miss Patterson was the nurse and who looked after the lost and found (iwas always losing my hat). Pat Cresswell (?) in music, Miss Cuthbert in English, Miss (mabel) Marr who insisted to wear a uniform if the girls had to. Mr Dalgleish and a teacher who taught religous studies and not only our own religions. I’ve been in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia for 23 years. When I left school I went the RBS then moved to Toronto. I was home in October with my son – to see the opening of the new Parliament. Names I can remember Sheila Stewart, Sandra Park, .. I think a Catherine. I’d enjoy hearing from those from this era – oh! and the pasty potatoes.
“Fidelis et Fortis ‘ Moira Ross
Kevin Spence
2 – 11 – 05
Hey my name is Kevin Spence I attened JGHS 1996 – 2002 I had a good time there fond memories in particular Mr Thom and our biggotry banter as he is a Rangers man and I a tatty muncher. Now i’m living in Zhejiang province in China with my beautiful wife running my own business its so great here hope everyone i know is doing great
best wishes, Kevin
Fiona Henry
2 – 11 – 05
My name is Fiona Henry and I didnt actually go to JGHS, but everyone I knew from James Gillespies Primary will be there now. I attended JGPS since p1 until 1999. Now I’m living in Linlithgow about 20 miles outside Edinburgh and I’m at Linlithgow Academy. I’m staying on so I’ll be going into 5th year after the summer. I would love it if someone found this message and actually remembered me because its really hard finding your old friends. So, if you remember me, add fifahenry@hotmail.com to msn or just e-mail me.
See ya xxx
Ruth McCauley (nee Rintoul)
2 – 11 – 05
My name is Ruth McCauley, maiden name Rintoul. I attended JGHS for girls 1959-1964. Miss Steele was the headmistress. My best friends were Irene Leslie, Allison Russell, Elizabeth Brown, Catherine Fields, Margaret Runnicles (Bunny) and others. Sandra Grant also attended at the same time and was a friend from many years before when I attended Portobello primary school. Catherine was a friend from Bruntsfield primary school where I attended from about 56-59. I am living in Winfield Kansas, USA. I am a school librarian. It would be great to hear from some of you or about some of you. My email address is mccauley@terraworld.net
Anne  Watson  (nee  Taylor)
31 – 10 – 05
I  attended  JGHS  FROM  1950/1955  when  I  left  to  train  as  nurse  in  Edinburgh.  I  would  love  to  contact  Lorna  Taylor    or  Marjorie  Ballantine  who  were  my friends  during  my  ” formative ”  years  I  have  been  married  for  45+  years  and  have  3  children   .  I  now  live  in  Aberdeen  and  spend  a  lot  of  time  singing  and  playing  piano  and  harp
Anne  Watson  nee  Taylor
Martin Black
27 – 10 – 05
Hello James Gillespie’s students and staff.
My name is Martin Black and I am a former student in James Gillespie’s High School from 1999 to 2005. I just want to say how much I am missing everyone so much and that if anyone remembers me and would like to keep in touch my email address is at the end. I would like to say a big thank you for all the teachers who put up with me especially Ms Campbell. I love her to bits and think she is such a motivating teacher and inspirational artist. And I want my art work back! Hehe!!! Finally a big thank you to Mr Caddell because he changed my course for the future by being such a friend and tutor without him and everybody else I don’t think I would further my education.
I am currently studying Business Management, Accounting and Finance, English and Administration at Napier University and Stevenson College but nothing will ever compare to the experience I had in high school. I hope the smell of cooked snails has gone from the common room! I hope everyone from my year and others have had an amazing time there. Please keep in touch and if anyone wants to my email me my address is martinblack16@msn.com All the best with the future. Hope to see you soon.
Thank you. Martin Black
1999 – 2005  former student
Rumana Begum
26 – 10 – 05
Hello People,
I’m Rumana Begum and I went to Gillespies During (1998-2004). I had a great time at Gillespies and I miss all my friends, currently I am Studying Business Management 2nd year at Napier University. I miss my High school so much and I especially miss My German classes with Mr Wright and Art with Mr Nisbet beacuse Mr Wright was so funny telling his jokes in class. Art and German were my favourite subjects even though I wasn’t too good at them. I also enjoyed Geography too with Mr Woods because he used to help me a lot when I got stuck and it was also fun. One of my favourite hobbies now is cruising in my car although I still have to pick my siblings from Gillespies sometimes. I loved the events that I used to perform and attend to such as Diversity and the best bit was the BREAKDANCING. Anyway can you please email me I’d also ike to know what everyone is upto, my email address is rumana_begum_1@hotmail.com and also email me if you remember me because i want to know how my fellow classmates and Teachers are doing. I also hope great success for Gillespies in the future.
Bye everyone
Rumana xxx
Ripa Uddin
11 – 5 – 05
Hello Everyone,
My name is Ripa uddin I went to JGHS during 1997-2000. at the moment i’m working in a computer software company. I had a brilliant time in James Gillespies i would do anything to go back. I miss all my friends specially Numra, Nasra, saba, Nicky Hownsome all alot of others my favourite teachers were Ms Greg the maths teacher Ms Furie the music teacher Mr CK the English teacher i liked alot of others but can’t remember the names.
my email address is ripauddin@yahoo.co.uk who ever remember me including the teachers can you please email me it will be nice to know what everyone’s upto.
Ripa xxx
Chrispal Prabu Asir
4 – 3 – 05
Hi people,
I went to James Gillespies during 1993 – 1995. I name is was Chrispal Prabu Asir I am currently finishing of my Master of Engineering with industry at the University of Leicester. I had a fab time at school. Few of the friend i had a great time with are Ruth Prowse, Calum Matheson, James Turbull, Richard Tucker, Emma Melonie, Katy Trotter, Zackary Hghland, Liam (sorry i can’t remember your surname), Vicky Cameron, Vicky (sorry i can’t remember your surname), Sarah Hunter, there was an another Sarah, 2 Nicky (1 with the ginger hair and the other who used to wear glass now and then), Bruce, Debbie, Katrina cirton (i am not sure if i have spelt your surname right or not), Robbie, sorry guys i that’s all I can stretch my brain. I was the only Indian in the class. I still remember the school trip we went to and the canoe building exercise we did.
For my Farwell before i went to India, we guys went to laser quest and then to pizza hut.
Anyway my e-mail address is chris_prabu@yahoo.com Please do e-mail. It would be good to catch up……
Take care,
Chris or Prabu (for some people)
Katherine Mezzacappa (nee.Hutton)
I wonder if you could help me. I would like to know the whereabouts of a former teacher at Gillespie’s, Miss Aileen(?) Cuthbert who taught English and retired probably sometime in the 1980s. She lived in the direction of Blackhall but I cannot find her in the ‘phone book.
Thank you in anticipation of any help you can give me.
Katherine Mezzacappa (nee.Hutton) -1974-1979

Heather Leuchars
(nee; Ramsay)
1953 – 1964  Heather (nee; Ramsay) LeucharsLovely to catch up on what has been happening and to see that the school is thriving.Does anyone know the whereabouts of Moira Murphy, Pat Pringle, Linda Walton and others who lived in Arden Street? It would be lovely to catch up on what is happening in their lives now.
I started JGHS at the age of 5 and spent many happy days at JGHS.
My friends who attended all lived in Marchmont.  When I married in 1968 I left Edinburgh to live in Fife and over the years lost touch with everyone. I still live in Fife and have 2 sons.
Whilst at school I loved art and was often top of the class for this subject and would have loved to go to art college.  However my parents wanted me to pursue a ‘sensible career’ in administration. Over the years I have worked within many interesting locations including Police HQ, CID.
Last year I took up art again and exhibited 10 paintings, sold 8, and was commissioned for 9 others.  I am currently exhibiting at the Esso exhibition in Kirkcaldy.  I have now at long last enrolled at college and do sculpture, graphic design, life drawing etc. – so never say never ……..Regards to all wherever you are
Heather Leuchars
(nee; Ramsay)
Ann Henderson
Thirty Years on – let’s get together!

Reunion has been arranged for the year group that attended James Gillespie’s secondary school from 1968 – 1973/74. It will take place in Edinburgh on Sunday 13th June 12 – 4pm.
Tickets and full details can be obtained fromjghs1968@vtrl.co.uk
Some of us met up at the bi-centenary celebrations last year – we wanted to mark 30 years later, share some memories, and hopefully have a bit of a laugh – so get in touch! Ann Henderson, Lesley (Huxtable) Smith, Morag (McIntyre) Stuart, Lesley (Samuel) ScottI moved back to Edinburgh in 1999, am now working in the Scottish Parliament, and have thoroughly enjoyed catching up with the city where I spent my childhood and school days – I am looking forward to finding out what my fellow Gillespie’s pupils are up to now – hope to see you at the reunionAnn Henderson
0131 667 1646
Diane Broughton (nee Loftus)
16 – 3 – 04
Hi my name is Diane Broughton (nee Loftus) and I was a pupil from 1969 to 1975. Since leaving school I had a number of secretarial jobs but now work in local government (you can blame me for some street names).
I also perform with the Bohemians Lyric Opera Company and recently worked with an old school chum (Helen Brown) who played the lead in “Carmen The Musical” when we performed at the Kings in 2003.
Would love to hear from some more of my old compatriots though.
Diane I Broughton (AKA Dil)
Francis Radley KING
16 – 1 – 04
Hello My name is Francis Radley KING. I am called Radley. I attended James Gillespies Boys School in 1949 and maybe before that. I emigrated to Australia in 1949 when I was 8. I can only remember one other name and that was a Peter Dawson. Is there any info on him? Don’t remember much else.
Radley King
Anne Watson
8 – 1 – 04
Hi, My father sent me the picture that was in the Edinburgh Evening News regarding the U-turn of the city in wanting to celebrate the 200th anniversary. Although I cannot find myself in the picture, I recognise many of those in the front few rows (behind the primary school kids) especially in the first row. I think Leslie Barry and Moira Hunter are there but recognise many of the other faces too. If anyone recognises anyone else I’d love to hear from them.
I was at Gillespies from 1964-1969 and very much enjoyed my time there. I started out in the old building, then moved to the new building in 3rd year if I remember correctly.
Hope more FPs link into this site!
Anne Watson
Chris French
8 – 1 – 04
I attended Gillespies from 1984-1990 and enjoyed my time there. One of my abiding memories is of being involved in the ‘infamous’ production of ‘Grease’ which we staged in 6th Year. I think almost the whole school attended what had only started out being an extra-curricular time-filler. I also remember a great field trip with the History department to Moscow and (the then) Leningrad in 1986(?) led by Mr Wilson, who was head of history at the time.I went on to Edinburgh University for a BEng and Aberdeen University for an MSc in Medical Physics and now work as a Clinical Scientist in Radiotherapy in Bristol after having worked in Newcastle, Norwich and London hospitals. I got married last year and several of my classmates from Gillespies were at the wedding, one of them being my best man, Jon Bland. I am still in contact with Angus Wood, Jon Bland, Gareth Hughes, Nick Balneaves and Hugh Dixon from the leaving year in 1990. If anyone wishes to drop me a line, please feel free !
Dom Steward
6 – 1 – 04
Well, stumbled across this site and thought I’d better reassure some of the teachers, and other pupils who were aquainted with me ( circa 79′ to 84′) that I’m still alive/kicking/enjoying an interesting and remarkably successfull existence. Although I’m sure my report card would still read “should try harder”.
Been living in Osaka, Japan for the last 13 and a 1/2 years, have a Japanese wife and a, nearly, seven year old daughter. Work as an import/export
manager, translator, public/international relations for an ever expanding company grounded in silver jewellery and fashion. Am a senior instructor in a “Go Jyu Ryu” karate dojo, enter three or four full contact tournaments a year, and finally, do a bit of amateur Superbike racing.Would like to say “THANKS” to all the teachers who had an influence and positive impact on my formative years. Some, but not all, of which are listed below.
Ian Nichol, Susan Stobbie, Mr. Watson, , Mc Dougall, Mr. Merriman. Mr. and Mrs. White (Physics and French teachers, repectively) (Mrs. White would be delighted to learn I am fluent in Japanese and can still whip out some pretty good French too), Mr. Burke ( and of course Mr. Hare), ” Big” Mr. Mc Dougall (the Heriots FP player), Ms. Matthews, to name but a few.Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me, especially the lads from the rugby team, Graham (smegs) Smith, Callumn Smith, Willie Bell, Ritchie Willox, Billy Blythe, Murray, Douggie, Ian Seath, Jeff etc.
Anyway, congratulations on 200 years. Fidelis et Fortis
– email addess withheld –
6 – 1 – 04
Hi there, my name is Steven, I attended JGHS 1978-82. I remember Miss Domanska (maths), Mr McKenzie (Physics) Mr Leslie (chemistry), and Miss Dalglish (geography), thats about it. Any other teachers then let me know. I walked on the grass and got detention, happy days. Never got the belt tho. I’m now in Houston, Texas working in engineering. Thanks to Mr McKenzie for that.
Cheers, Steven
Shirley Cockburn
(nee Brotherston)
6 – 1 – 04
My name is Shirley Cockburn nee Brotherstone. I attended jghs from 1947 to 1960. Hearing your radio programme this afternoon prompted me to contact you. I studied Home Economics or Domestic Science as it was then at Atholl Crescent and taught for 3 years until starting my family. I married Gus Cockburn my childhood sweetheart and ex Herioter in 1964 and we have 4 sons. They have all married over the last 4 years our youngest marrying only last week! I returned to teaching 9 years ago and enjoy my work. I would love to here from anyone who remembers me especially anyone who knows anything of Margaret Laidlaw who was in my class all the way through school and college. my e-mail address is shirleycockburn@aol.com
Carolyn Ritchie
email – car@113.org
6 – 1 – 04
Hi. My name is Carolyn Ritchie ( I kept my maiden name) and I attended JGHS from 1977 – 1982. Have just listened with relish to Edi Stark’s radio tribute to the the school. Very sad to hear that the real “Miss Brodie” may have ended her days as an alcoholic amongst the down and outs of the Grassmarket area. I am a primary teacher myself and can only hope that I face a more prosperous end! Would love to hear from any ex-JGHS who remember me.
Shelagh Kelly (nee Mclean)
27 – 11 – 03
Hi!  My name is Shelagh Kelly although at school I was Shelagh Mclean. I attended JGHS from 1967-1973 (just before they let BOYS in!) and would love to hear from any of my contemporaries. I am still in touch with only one friend from those days.Look forward to hearing from you.
Shelagh Kelly

Jackie Stewart
11 – 11 – 03
Hi,my name is jackie stewart, nee donaldson and attended j.g.h.s. from 1981-1986.if you can remember me or anyone else please contact me.i heard there was a reunion some time ago but i missed it.it would be great to hear from anyone.
Jackie Stewart
Stephen Reid
11 – 11 -03
I was a pupil at JGHS between 1980 and 1986, and remember Kenny Laurie and ‘BJ’ (Brian Johnston) listed on the board, along with people like Keith Robertson, Robert Feechan(?), David Shanks, Kirsten Skinner, Jenny Berry, Alison Walker. A few of the staff from that time that I remember were Mr Nicol, Ms Stobie, Mrs McIntyre (the kids gave her a hard time in History Class), Mr Thom, Dr Thomas, Ms McVitie. Memories include mad games of football at the back of the Darroch Annex or on the Tennis Courts, snowball fights (usually 5th/6th years against all others) in front of the main classroom block, the 1985 teachers’ strike which caused havoc for timetables, and doing photography and A Level Art at the Annex. After leaving JGHS I didn’t pursue my intended career as an artist/graphic designer, going to Telford College instead to take a Diploma in Building, before a degree in Civil & Transportation Engineering at Napier Uni. Since 1995 I’ve been a traffic engineer working in Edinburgh and London before settling in Dublin in 1999. I married Dawn (from Portmarnock, Dublin) in 2002 and live in Swords, North County Dublin. Like to hear from anyone who was there during the white socks and drainpipe trouser years of the early 80’s.
Stephen Reid
Barbara Thomson Hine
email –thomson@pt.lu
28 – 10 – 03
I was a pupil at JGHS from 1958 to 1971, when I left to go to Edinburgh University. One legal career, two husbands and three sons later, I am living in Luxembourg, the soi-disant “Green Heart of Europe”. Some of us are trying to arrange a reunion of the 1971 leavers and, having sent everyone a message via “Friends Reunited”, I now realise that people may be looking on the wrong message board . Anyone from that year reading this, please email me regarding a reunion to take place in Edinburgh aound Easter 2004. Those of us who attended the informal 200th reunion on 27th September thoroughly enjoyed it (except, perhaps for the Rock Band, which inhibited conversation somewhat!) and I should like to thank the Head and all who organised and took part in the event.
Barbara Thomson Hine.
George Thomson
28 – 10 – 03
I see that there are a few here who still remember the old Boys’ School in Marchmont Road (now a site of Napier University). My name is George Thomson.  I lived in Morningside and attended the Boys’ School from “infants” in 1942 to 11+ in 1950.  When I was aged about 7, my family moved to the Southfield (Duddingston/Portobello) area, from whence I travelled by bus from Niddrie and tram from Salisbury to school in Marchmont.  I went on to secondary education at Portobello High School, with a sixth form at Peebles High School.Remembered classmates were John Cameron (my “best friend”, who lived nearby in Warrender), Tony Philpotts (who went abroad with his family), Frank Nixon (who’s father had a radio repair shop in Tollcross), and George Springfield (who I met again briefly during RAF service).  I also had a friend whose name I cannot now remember, but who was an albino, and lived in a cottage between Prestonfield and Craigmillar.  I remember my first teacher well, but can’t remember her name (was it Miss Kennedy?).  Miss Morrison was my teacher for most of my time at Gillespies – I adored her!  I did not adore our little headmaster, Mr Jamieson, who I remember as something of a tyrant, or our latter-day male gym teacher, who I later crossed swords with again at Portobello (I was totally useless at “gym”!)!  I also recall a student teacher from West Africa – a Mr. Agadzi I believe – he gave me a coconut!.After RAF service I had a long chequered career from electronics engineering to sales and marketing and ended with my own company in PR and promotion.  Most of my experience was in medical, veterinary or other spheres of biology; I was (and still am – now retired) a dedicated “zoo” man.George W.H. Thomson, F.Inst.SMM, MISTC, M.Inst.F, FLS, FZS.
Elspeth Campbell
13 – 10 – 03
Hullo, My name is Elspeth Campbell and I was at JGHS secondary from 1955/66 -1959 when I moved with my family to England.  I have just discovered this site and would like to hear from Janet Edgar, Christine Laidlaw or Mary Middleton(Midge) My best friend was Brenda Shanks.  The teachers I remember were Beanie Munroe for Latin, Miss Phillips for French(I have hated french ever since)Miss Napier(maths, which I love)Tommy Sommerville,the English teacher who had large teeth and recited the whole of Tammy Shanter, the games mistress who was built like a brick privie and failed to teach me how to climb a rope.  Remember the navy blue knickers and hairnets, compulsory for gym.  However I loved the scottish country dancing, the lit and debating society and am eternally grateful for my time at JGHS
Shirley Spear
5 – 10 – 03
Hello from the Isle of Skye!  I was unable to join the celebrations on September 27th, although I would have loved to have been there.  I was a Gillespie girl between 1965 and 1970. My maiden name was Smith.  My sister Alison Smith was Head Girl in 1965. I began secondary school life in 1F2 in the annexe of the old building and moved to the new school the following year.  I was in the school choir and orchestra the day the Queen Mother opened the new building. My older sisters Lyndal and Gilian Smith joined the school for their 6th and 4th – 6th years respectively, but were very musical and also played in the 1st eleven hockey team!  I was not so sporty and a bit more rebellious, although I was a 5th year prefect!  Hemlines and school hats were the “problem” in the swinging sixties.My Mum was a Gillespie girl and a contemporary of Muriel Spark.  Her name was Anne Vint and I have quite a few photographs of her as a member of the cast in Gilbert and Sullivan productions.  She wrote poetry a great deal and had many pieces published in the Scotsman at the time.  Alas, she died in 1992, but I know she would have loved to have been a part of the celebrations too.  She went to Moray House to train as a teacher when she left and among her great friends, whom I knew as a child, were Margaret Brodie and Dorothy Minck.  I wonder if they are still alive?If anyone would like to make contact with me, please do!  I am hoping to get a ticket for the Usher Hall concert (memories of a sea of those awful green dresses pass before my eyes!) in December and would love to meet up with old friends then.Shirley Spear
The Three Chimneys
Isle of Skye
IV55 8ZT
Email:  eatandstay@threechimneys.co.uk
Web:    www.threechimneys.co.uk
Christopher Lucas
30 – 9 – 03
Hi my name is Christopher Lucas-  I attended James Gillespie’s Boys school between 1967/68
I was in  miss Cartner’s class p.4(2) in fact I still have my report card and school photograph.  I remember moving to Scotland from England via America and having an extremely hard time at school-I could not believe that they lashed students hands with a leather belt (not me I got punched in the teeth by a fellow student and Miss Cartner took me to the hospital).  I am visual artist (http://pages.prodigy.net/christopher.lucas/)  for the last twenty years I have shown my paintings and sculpture in New York, L.A. and europe, 90/91 a Fulbright scholar in Korea.  I spent two years in New Zealand 1974/75 Nae Nae college-Lower Hutt.
my classmates were
martin hall, steven crawford,charles dickson, grant morrison, george elvin, glen crawford, james russell, phillip dawson,Ian burnside, gordon callan and robert scott
Doreen Baxter (nee Kidd.)
23 – 9 – 03
Congatulations on the bi-centenary of the school. I started in the preparatory department in 1943 and left at the end of 6th.year in 1956. They were happy days, but more importantly they laid the foundation of a life long love of learning – it was education at its very best.
I went in to the civil service where I met my husband and we have been married for 43 years and have four grown up children and three grandchildren. After I retired in 1998, I became custodian of the local museum where I am still working and enjoying meeting people from all over the world.I am so grateful to the wonderful teachers that I encountered at Gillespie’s and especially to Miss Alison Foster who instilled a love of reading in me that has become a passion!
Best wishes to all former and present pupils – and I would love to hear from any who were in the same year that I was in.
Doreen Baxter (nee Kidd.)
Ann Landels
17 – 9 – 03
Was at JGHS 1958 – 1970. Have been in Aberdeenshire/Aberdeen since 1975, working in education, mainly. Went to ‘Gillespie’s’ performance of ‘The Prime’ which was absolutely brilliant. Going to the informal reunion on evening of 27th so if anybody knows me hope they come and say ‘hi’.
Ann Landels
Susan Hogg
2 – 9 -03
Hi, my name is Susan Hogg, I attended JGHS from 1965-1977. I now live in New Zealand and work as a Graphic Designer at The University of Auckland. I would like to get in touch with Sara Brightley who was at the school at the same time.
Liz McArthur – nee Duff
29 – 8 -03
Elizabeth McArthur (nee Duff)
attended JGHS 1942 t0 1945 was in Miss Stewarts form, form D and was three years with a great bunch of girls.  Sadly I did not keep in touch with any of them, big regret on my part, and I do so often wonder if any of them are still around (into their 70’s like myself). Would love to hear from any of them, Jean Cook who was an Ashfield girl, Isobel Twaddle, and dear Hannah Greenstones, we had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs.  I did wander about JGHS in a trance for three years but it would probably astonish my fellow classmates I was a late developer and finally graduated in Philosophy and other stuff at 53.  My regards to all and any of them out there who may remember me, please get in touch if you can.
Kindest thoughts.  Liz McArthur.
Dave Ronaldson
26 – 8 -03
Before I left for the U.S. in 1953, three of my best friends were Gillespies girls.  Phyllis Lambert, Mary Stewart and Rosemary Wares.  Any information would be wonderful.
Dave Ronaldson
Margaret Gloag – nee Hardie
26 – 8 -03
I enjoy scanning the message board from former pupils, and wonder if my classmates are around and reading this.
I attended JGHS from 1945-1951 and at that time was Margaret Hardie. I am now Margaret Gloag and live in Florida after a few moves around southern England then Massachusetts and Maine.Mention of Jerry Gordon, Blossom McLean, and Beanie Munro by another writer brought back many memories of the good old days. Don’t forget Tommy Somerville and Miss Marr with her high-button boots and dramatic flair!Does anyone else remember the day we arrived in school to find the bust of our esteemed founder shrouded? Someone in a night-school class had painted his nose with lipstick! Despite thorough cleaning, the nose always retained a slight pink tint.Go, Gillespie’s!Margaret Gloag
Ken Laurie
26 – 8 -03
Congrats to JGHS on their 200yrs. My name is Ken Laurie, known throughout my school term as ‘Tank’ I attended JGHS from 1979 through to 1984. I was in the Gilmore house, and enjoyed many years both canoeing & playing rugby for the school, as well as trying to pass O Grades. Many staff encouraged me during my time, including Alan Leslie, George White, Ian Nicol & Susan Stobbie but to name a few. I now live in New Zealand with with and two children and would love to hear from anyone who may remember me. Enjoy the party later in this year, sorry I wont be there. regards Ken Laurie
Joyce Stewart Allister
13 – 6 -03
Hello there my name is Joyce Stewart Allister and I would love to hear from anyone at all that may have gone to school with me so long ago…. I went to Boroughmuir High in the years 1950 thru 1955. I was a skater at Haymarket Ice Arena and Murrayfield IceRink after leaving Burrie as we called it I joined with Holiday On Ice and toured all over the world I now live in Palm Springs California and retired from coaching Ice Skating 2yrs ago Hello to anyone who skated there also. I will be in Edinburgh this summer. and will go look at the old scool. Many Thanks….
Shirley Leong
26 – 5 – 03
Hi! My name is SHIRLEY LEONG and I was in JGHS from 1988 to October 2000 when I left to come back to Malaysia. I had a great time time during my 3 years in the school and each time I go back to Edinburgh, I try to pay a visit to the school. My bestfriends were Joanne Wilkie, Chris Rosendale and Siubhan Lorimer. If any of you are reading this, please do contact me as I have completely lost touch with all my friends from JGHS since I returned home more than 10 years ago.
15 – 4 – 03
My name is JOAN HUDDLESTON née Maloney and I attended JGHS from 1935 to 1947. After attending Moray House Training College . I taught in Edinburgh for a few years then went to Germany and Hong Kong to teach Service children. I returned to the U.K. for a year and then moved to Bahrain to an oil company’s school. There I met and married  and moved with my husband to South Africa where (except for two years in the Philippines) I have lived in Cape Town ever since.I am still in touch with one school friend who still lives in Edinburgh and would be very interested to hear from any others from that period. JOAN HUDLESTON.
Moira Jamieson
now Fotheringhame
7- 4 – 03
I attended JGHS for 3 years leaving in 1947.   I joined the Civil Service after attending McAdam’s Ladies College (my Dad did not trust me at a co-ed!!!)   Married in 1955 had two children Douglas and Janice who now have family of their own.  My husband, Jim, died in December last year and it is great to read all the messages from FPs.   I have been in touch with Doreen Glen (now Henderson) in Washington state and we met last August for the first time in 55 years.   If anyone wishes to get in touch with Doreen (who staye d on until 1950 )  please contact me.   Hope to hear from some of my own classmates
Moira (moira22@breathemail.net)
Wenzhuo Xia
28 – 3 – 03
my name is Wenzhuo Xia. i attended JGHS from 2000-2002. i left at the end of second year to move to Palo Alto, California. i was in G4 and P5.i had a great time at JGHS due to the awesome teachers and classmates. So hey to everyone who still remembers me! and if you would like 2 email me sometime, my adress is naughtyfox88@hotmail.com. i miss everyone xXx
Audrey MacGillivray (nee Walker)
My name is Audrey MacGillivray (nee Walker), and I attended James Gillespie’s High School for Girls from 1947-1951. In Forms 4 and 5, I took the Commercial Course. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me – in particular from Shirley Wright and Anne Graham. I married in 1956, and moved with my husband to New Zealand in 1962 where we and our two daughters have lived happily ever since. I have been “back home” to Scotland several times but to my regret lost touch many years ago with former classmates. So please, if you remember me, get in touch! Please mail to:Audrey MacGillivray , 63 Waiwhetu Road ,Lower Hutt ,New Zealand 6009 ,e-mail: am.im@paradise.net.nz
Tina Murray
Hey all
I went to JGHS from 1996-2000 ( I’m not entirely sure if that is my leaving year).  If anyone knows me and would like to get in touch with me that would be great!  I was in G7 as in 1G7, 2G7 and so on.
Tina Murray
Diane Copley
Congratulations to JGHS on 200 years of top quality education.
My name is Diane Copley, nee Stewart and I attended Gillespie’s from age 5, in 1944, until 1950 when my parents took me off to Canada. I was in Spylaw house. I returned to Edinburgh to attend RIE school of Nursing and met up with some former classmates who were studying various fields at the Royal and University. I’m married with 2 grown children, have lived in Canada, France and now, USA. I try to make it back to Edinburgh every other year. If anyone who remembers me would care to contact me, I’d be delighted to hear from you.
Diane Copley
Fiona Blackwood ne` Dodds &
Hilary King ne` McIlwrick
Hi from Fiona and Hilary, if you recognise the names then please get in touch. We left school around 1975 and we both started at the age of 5 in the Gillespie`s primary. I live in Fife and Hilary in Edinburgh, we both have 2 children and still keep in touch.I lived abroad for 3 years recently but am back to Scotland for good now.
Anyone recognising the name of Barbara Dodds will have been at school with my mum, who also went to Gillespie`s, she is now  78 and wants to hear all about the school and what is going on even now.

David Redpath
Hello, My name is David Redpath. I attended James Gillespie’s Boys school between 1962 and 1969.
I now live in Perth Western Australia. I have been here since 1971.
Others in my class were George Neil, Scott Brittee, John Crawford, Gordon Forbes, Douglas Cunnison, Ross & Gavin Squair, Jamie Simms et al, our teachers were Miss Miller, Miss Cartner, Mrs Murray and Mrs (Granny) Williams, headmasters Mr Scobie and Mr Moyes.
I have been in recent contact with Stuart McLennan also from my class who I caught up with when I visited Edinburgh in 2000 and Derek Grafton who was living on the Gold Coast in Queensland up to a couple of years ago.
Two of my aunts attended Gillespie’s girls school in the 1950’s Anne & Jean Redpath.
Thanks for the opportunity to post a message on the site.
Love to catch up with any others from my old class. I will be visiting Edinburgh later this year in August September.
Regards – David Redpath
Phyllis McLeod
email –MEHonigh@zonnet.nl
Dear Mr. Finlayson,
During a recent visit to Edinburgh (I live in Holland), I read a newspaper article about the 200th Anniversary of your school. I didn’t have the pleasure of attending James Gillespie’s School but my best friend who died 9-6-2000 attended from 1950-1954 or thereabouts.
Her name was Phyllis McLeod of 168 Gorgie Road. Her friends at school were Margaret Graham and Lorette King. It’s possible that they went to the U.S.A. If any of her old friends would like to get in touch with me to ask about Phyllis, it’ll be alright to give them my e-mail address.
Phyllis was always very proud of the fact that she had been to James Gillespie’s School. Mr. Finlayson, wishing you all the best with the preparations for the 200th Anniversary year.
Yours faithfully,
Margaret Houliston (My married name is Honigh)
Joan Bruce (nee Purdie )
I attended J.G.H.S. from 1957 to 1963. I went on to Edinburgh University and graduated M.A. Dip. Ed. in 1967. I taught in Junior school in Edinburgh till 1970 then moved down south to Herts. with my husband,Charles in 1970.
I lived, taught and had two girls there. In 1992 we moved to Camberley in Surrey where I continued to teach. I stopped teaching last year .
It is now 40 years since my year group left school and I am keen to get together with anyone of that year. A re-union is being planned for the end of June .Please get in touch with me at joansbruce@hotmail.com if you are interested.
Sheila Macgregor (Robertson) 
My name is Sheila Macgregor (nee Robertson) and I attended JGHS from 1940-1950.  I started off in the Barclay Church as it was wartime and I remember the “Janny” bringing in the coals for the fire.My teachers were Miss Muir and Miss Reid.
In Secondary some of my teachers were Jerry Gordon, “Blossom” McLean, Nellie Douglas and “Beanie” Munro.
After School I attended Moray House and taught Primary at Royston until just after I married.  I have 3 of a family and now live in Peebles.
I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me during my years at JGHS.
Sheila Macgregor (Robertson)
Maureeen Jane Robertson
(nee Hayward)
Hi, My name is Maureeen Jane Robertson (nee Hayward). I was at JGHS from 1938 until 1952. I married Alan Robertson from the Royal High in 1956. I was in Spylaw House. I now live in Cambridgeshire and I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Tanveer – a.k.a -Tan
Hi , I felt great on finding my old school’s web site on the net while surfing. I am a former student of James Gillespie’s High School from the year 1990.
I went back to my country Pakistan in 1992. I did my graduation in Journalism but hung on to my passion computers. My first job was launching of an ISP in Pakistan.  I am currently in working in a bank and doing MBA at the same time.
I think my best memory of James Gillespie’s High School has to be with all the great teachers who made me what i am today- if it hadn’t been for them I would not be the person I am today so thank you.
I wonder if there has been, or will be any type of reunion for the students of that year?
Hi to everyone – who remembers me !
Tanveer – a.k.a -Tan
Diane Day (nee Alexander)
My name is Diane Day (nee Alexander)
email ‘daydb@tinyworld.co.uk’ and I attended JGHS from 1948 through 1961. After Edin University I married and moved to the South of England, working in London for 20 years then Hampshire for 10years. 25 of them with IBM. Took early retirement in 1993 and in 1996 returned to live in Scotland, near Silverburn south of Edinburgh. I would be interested to hear from any of my contemporaries at JGHS but especially to hear from Kay Davies (nee Johnston) with whom I lost touch after one of my several house moves around the London area. I owe a great deal to my education at JGHS – perhaps most especially to Miss Foster, my English teacher throughout secondary school.
Diane Day
Kirsten Alexander
I attended James Gillespie’s from 1992 to 1997.  After taking 3 years out of education, I went to Edinburgh’s Telford College for a year to do an HNC Administration and Information Management.  I am currently in 2nd year at Napier University doing a degree in Human Resource Management.
I think my best memory of JGHS has to be Mr Caddell – if it hadn’t been for him I would not be the person I am today so thank you.
Hi to everyone (or perhaps better phrased anyone!) who remembers me!
MarioMarion Hill ( nee: Dickson)
Alan McKay
email – alan_g_mckay@standardlife.com
25-11 – 02
Hi Folks I attended JGHS from 1997-2001 just to say hi to everyone that was in my year & the year above. I work for Standard Life Bank and have done since March. Hope your all well, take care
Alan McKay
Suzanne Gerris (nee:Dinwoodie)
6 -11 – 02
I was very pleased to find your web site on the net while surfing one day. I am a former student of James Gillespie’s High School from the year 1973, the first year of co-ed.
I moved to Canada after completing my college training and unfortunately lost contact with my class mates from that time.
I wonder if there has been, or will be any type of reunion for the students of that year??
I would also like to know if there is any possibility of recording my email address somewhere, for other students of my year as a contact? Perhaps you could consider this as part of your web site for the future.
I really enjoyed my high school years at James Gillespie’s and took with me many wonderful, fun filled memories and a good basis for my future career and life.
I thank you for that, and wish you success in forming the minds and futures of new students.
Yours Sincerely,
Suzanne J. Gerris – nee: Suzanne Joyce Dinwoodie
Jennifer Morgan (nee Duncan)
14 -10 – 02
Hallo! My name is Jennifer Morgan (Nee Duncan). I attended JGHS from 1949- 1951 and then again from 1955 – 1961. Some of my classmates were the Johnstone twins, Rosemary and Isabel, Frances Sander, Jane Dyer, Pat Booth et al. Having wandered around the UK, I am now settled in North Wales working as a business advisor and trainer. I’ve learned to speak Welsh and some reckon I’ve “gone native!” I am still marriied to Jeff Morgan whom I met at university in Edinburgh and have one daughter who works in Newcastle on Tyne. I’d love to hear from anyone of my vintage! It was great finding this site and indulging in a bit of nostalgia! Email me at JenniMrgn@aol.com
Jennifer Morgan
Rachel Mann
2 -10 – 02
Hello All !
I’m an American who attended JGHS for third year in 1995-1996. After receiving my BA and BFA I am now a graduate student in English at UC Santa Barbara. I would love to hear from anyone who was there then and see what they’re up to. Take care everybody.
Rachel Mann
Carol Adair
9 – 8 – 02
Hello everyone
I was a pupil at Gillespie’s from 1974 – 1979. I now live in France in Haute Savoie on lake Annecy. It is a rather nice location – with plenty of snow in winter for skiing etc. and in the summer, there are loads of activities around the lake as well as the mountains! The reason I’m writing is that I am often asked by friends and collegues if I know of families interested in developing pen pals / correspondents with a French family. English is very important as a language here in France, it is a requirement for almost any type of job.
If you have children studying French who would like to have a French pen pal with the possibility of and exchange visit too, please get in contact with me, I’d be delighted to help. Hope to hear from you soon. Best regards
Carol Adair
Janice Stewart (nee Law)
23 – 7 – 02
Hello from Canada. I attended Gillespie’s from 1967 to 1972 and I am now in Calgary, Canada having lived in South Africa and various other partsof Canada. I am still in touch with Mandy Jones and Janie Munro (barely) but have lost touch with any others who were at school with us . Would love to hear from anyone, wherever in the world they might be.
Janice Stewart (nee Law)

Kenneth Mercer
17 – 7 – 02
Hi, I’m Kenneth Mercer, I was @ JGHS 1977-1981. I am now an applications developer with the General Register Office for Scotland. I have spent the last two years writing specialist software for the UK Census 2001. I have now moved into Web design and am part of a team developing the SCROL website (Scottish Census Results On-line) That is due to go live early next year. You may e-mail me at: kenneth.mercer@gro-scotland.gsi.gov.uk
Kenneth Mercer
Angelo Stacciarini Seraphin
11 – 7 – 02
Hello, my name is Angelo Stacciarini Seraphin, I’m Brazilian but I lived in Scotland for 4 years from when I was 6 until I became 10. Today I am 20 years old. I atended at Tollcross Primary School and I am trying to contact some of them by their e-mail. I went to P7 in 1992 which was the year I came back to Brazil. And I think that some of my friends that I’m trying to contact probably went to James Gillespies High School. I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me from Tollcross times.
Thank you,
Angelo Stacciarini Seraphin
Brian Johnston
14 – 6 – 02
Hello my name is Brian Johnston and i am involved in organising a school reunion planned for years 1985,1986,1987 at the City Cafe Edinburgh on Saturday the 17th of August!! Quite a few of us thought it would be nice if a few of our old school teachers could make it too!! All teachers and any students who left in 85 / 86 / 87 are welcome to come along, Please email me for further details.
Brian Johnston
Dennis Wilder
11 – 6 – 02
From Kelowna,British Columbia , Canada –
1950 i was 6 years old, my mum took me to my first school and that was james gillespie boys school. i cried like a big jessie in front of my class then mum left me with with my most treasured teachers mr lindores and miss gray, i was a dunce from day one and ended up on the second floor with my hand out for the belt more often than not, ah the memories.
my dad was a professor of medicine at the royal infirmary, and mum told me that genius was akin to madness, dad had one i had the other.
my grey short pants and my burgundy blazer, cap and burgundy and yellow striped tie set me apart from the riff raff i thought, indeed my unicorned badge with fidelis et fortes, to me and mine meant( please excuse the vernacular) to “hell with heriots.”
i used to take my school dinners from a building just outside of the girls school and when finished we would go and climb inside the big pine trees and scare the girls, brain dead i tell you.
my thrill one day is to obtain a school badge that i can show my children and now granchildren, i come back every year and have even walked inside the old school several times, sad as it is, at least it still stands.
talk about rambling on, you probably think i am a nutter, but it is so nice to pass on my wonderfull feelings of the greatest school, james gillespie.s
when you come to kelowna look us up at the hotel. our web site is
my sincere kindest regards
dennis wilder
Aileen Porter – (Stevenson)
29 – 5 – 02
Hi – my name is Aileen Porter formerly Stevenson. I attended JGHS from 1951 to 1956; I have tried contacts at “Friendsreunited” but there has been no response. I have lived in Germany since 1967, have a son, a daughter and one grandchild and teach English as a foreign language to adults in our adult education system. I live in the far west of Germany, 5 minutes from the Dutch border and 20 minutes from the Belgian border.
I’d like to hear from anyone who remembers me!
Regards, A. P.
Paul Campbell
23 – 5 – 02
Hello! I attended James Gillespies with my two sisters Helen and Melanie , My name is Paul John Campbell , I won’t say I was the best pupil every and wish I had worked harder at school , I did enjoy my time there 1978 – 82 I think. I am now working in IT & Operation Management in Livinston at present, have been lucky to travel to Usa ,Canada ,Malaysia, most of Europe with my work and hope I continue to be sucsesful . Spelling was never my strong point , as my nglish teachers would testify to, I would love to get a reunion together for our year , it’s been a while and not sure how best to go about it, please post this on your site and also my email address, and you never know.
I like the website , would like to see more pics of pupils, year book kind of thing it would be great ,then and now profile , also info on those Teachers who we never appreciated , anyway I would like to finish by thanking James Gillespies for their part in my sucsess , even if I didn’t understand that at the time. Let this be a warning to all you pupils, work hard , its worth it, also would love to visit some day and see the old school.Thanks again
Paul Campbell
Ann Watson
22 – 5 – 02
Hello!  My name is Anne Watson and I attended JGHS from 1964-1969. Some of my colleagues were Diane Wallace, Valerie Bathie, Leslie Barry, Marion Hastie, Moira Hunter, Judith Orange and many more. I now live in New York State in the US and would love to hear from any former colleagues. My family and many friends are still in Edinburgh and I try to visit at least once a year.
Hope more FPs will link up to this site.
Anne Watson

Margaret Barker – (Cameron)
10- 5 – 02
Hello from Australia !
My name is Margaret Barker, formally Cameron. I attended J.G.H.S. between 1956 and 1960. I would love to hear from any pupils who were there at that time.
I came to Australia in 1965 shortly after being married and intended staying here for two years but as you can see I am still here. We live in Bradbury which is a suburb of Sydney and I live here with my husband and two children.I hope to hear from anyone who remembers me as I have no contact with anyone in Edinburgh now.
Margaret Barker
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