Staff Members

  •  Mrs Stewart –  Curriculum Leader Science
  •  Mr Coltart    –  Curriculum Leader Science
  •  Mrs Allan-Brown
  •  Miss Dickinson
  •  Mr Hay
  •  Miss Lyall –  Chartered teacher
  •  Miss McCartan
  •  Miss McKenna
  •  Miss O’Connor
  •  Mrs Oram
  •  Dr Oudney
  •  Mr Russell
  •  Dr Smith
  •  Dr Wallace


S1 and S2 Science at James Gillespie’s High School

The integrated Science course pupils follow in S1 and S2 contains topics on areas of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. This gives pupils an idea of what each individual Science entails as well as allowing them to discover where there interest and abillities lie.  These topics are usually 5 or 6 weeks in duration and involve a large degree of practical experimental work. Pupils are often required to work in pairs or small groups and must develop their abilities to work together effectively.

Pupils will have experienced all of the third level CfE outcomes by the end of S2 and in some cases been working towards level 4 outcomes such as the study of Electronics at the end of the Electricity topic in S2. This course has been designed to give pupils the interest, knowledge and skills required to study the Sciences in S3 and beyond.


Profiling and Skills development

Something which we consider to be a key factor in continual improvement and progression here at James Gillespie’s High School is pupil’s own self-evaluation of their learning. This is something we start to teach pupils in our S1 Science course and continues from there on. Pupils are encouraged to keep a short record of their learning, highlighting areas of strength as well as forming next steps. This is particularly useful in tracking the many skills, whether it’s specifically scientific practical skills or those in literacy and numeracy, that pupils gain through studying Science. 



In addition to the notes which pupils take in class and materials provided for them such as learning outcomes and specific hand-out materials, we encourage the use of Edmodo. This is an online educational environment used by most teachers and students in our faculty. Pupils set up their own Edmodo account and join the correct group for their subject and course using a specific code which their teacher provides. A link to the login page is here: Edmodo. We have created folders for each of our topic in S1 and S2 containing summary notes, learning outcomes and homework exercises. This gives flexibility in how pupils access and study the necessary materials.

Parents are also able to access this resource through the use of a parent access code which pupils can provide. This gives access to the pupils own materials for all of their subjects which use this online resource.



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Textbooks:Science for Excellence Level 3’  HODDER GIBSON  


There are also Level 4 textbooks available from the same collection which would provide additional challenge.