Staff Members

  •  Mrs Stewart  – Curriculum Leader
  •  Mr Coltart     – Curriculum Leader
  •  Mrs Allan-Brown
  •  Miss Dickinson
  •  Mr Bracewell
  •  Miss Lyall     – Chartered Teacher
  •  Mrs Britton
  •  Miss McKenna
  •  Miss O’Connor
  •  Mrs Oram
  •  Dr Oudney
  •  Mr Russell
  •  Dr Smith
  •  Dr Wallace

Sciences at James Gillespie’s High School

Pupils at James Gillespie’s High School have the opportunity to study the Sciences from S1 through to S6.  Within the curriculum they will gain an understanding in areas of  Biology, Chemistry and Physics whilst also developing scientific skills to better prepare them for their future.

Pupils follow an integrated Science course in S1 and S2, progressing on to study the individual Sciences – Biology, Chemistry and Physics in S3 and beyond. We also currently offer Environmental Science and Lab Skills courses in S5 and S6 which both give an opportunity to achieve an award at National 5 level. We have also been successful over the last few years at preparing and presenting pupils for the Science Baccalaureate award in S6. Our curriculum structure allows pupils to study the Sciences they wish and progress through the levels achieving the very best they are capable of.

Information about our S1 and S2 Science course as well as our S3 to S6 courses in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science, Lab Skills and the Science Baccalaureate can be found by selecting the individual pages within the ‘Sciences’ section on the faculties drop down menu.