Spring Fling

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This year’s concert will be held at Marchmont St Giles, Kilgraston Road, on Wednesday 26th March at 7pm and tickets will be available from the door on the evening of the concert, priced £6/£4 concession. 
Doors will open at 6.30pm and refreshments will be available before the concert. This year’s concert will not feature an interval, and will finish around 8.30pm.

The concert programme offers a diverse range of ensembles, choirs and smaller chamber groups and also offers the opportunity for SQA soloists to perform.
This year, we are also delighted to welcome Preston Street Primary School Choir.

Rehearsals on the day itself plays a vital part, and we must ensure that all performers arrive 15 minutes before their appropriate rehearsal at Marchmont St Giles.

We trust that all pupils make their own way to these rehearsals in a sensible manner and in groups.

The rehearsal times are as follows: WEDNESDAY 26th MARCH  AT MARCHMONT ST GILES

8.30        Set up wind band                            1.00        Soloist: Aidan Johnston
8:40        Senior Wind Band                          1:10        LUNCH
9:10        Junior Wind Band                           1.45        Chamber Choir
9:40        Clarsach Ensemble                          2.05        Soloist: Alex Bathe
10.20        Clarsach solo/duet                         2.15        Preston Street Primary Choir
10:45        BREAK     (set up guitars)            2.40        ‘The Voice’ Junior Choir
11.10        Guitar Ensemble                            3:05        Accordion Group
11.40        Training String Orchestra              3:20        Pipe Band
12:10        Chamber Strings                            3.40        FINISH
12:30         Senior String Orchestra              

We would appreciate it if pupils in the senior wind band could arrive at Marchmont St Giles for 8.30am in order to help  set up the band as a prompt start is vital.

As always, dress for the evening concert for all performers is:  white shirt/blouse, school tie, dark trousers/skirt  and dark shoes.

School ties are available from ‘The Clan House of Edinburgh’ outlets at 28 – 30 Morningside Road and 45 Grove Street priced from £3.80 to £4.80.

Performers are discouraged from bringing in valuables to any rehearsal and to the concert as dressing rooms may be unattended at times. We cannot accept responsibility for any personal items.

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