Rob Cockcroft – Support for Learning Leader (Monday-Thursday)
Ann Campbell – Support for Learning Teacher (SfL Leader on Fridays)
Leesa Fallon – Support for Learning Teacher (Monday-Wednesday)
Robin Andrews – Learning Assistant (Monday-Wednesday) SfL Teacher (Thursday-Friday)
Lydia Kowalczyk- Learning Assistant
Gillian Lee – Learning Assistant
Sybil Gray – Learning Assistant
Fiona Oatman – Learning Assistant
Karen Robinson – Learning Assistant
Fran Thomas – Learning Assistant


All children and young people have entitlement to an educational experience of the highest quality. All staff at James Gillespie’s High School are committed to the effective inclusion of all pupils in the life of the school. However, some pupils with Additional Support Needs (ASN) may require extra support to help remove barriers to learning to enable them to access the curriculum and get the most from their time at school. The role of the Support for Learning department is to offer assistance to these pupils, their teachers and parents.
The Support for Learning Department offers assistance in a number of ways:
• Work closely with our feeder primary schools to ensure the smooth transition of pupils with ASN to the High School
• Gather up to date information and strategies about pupils with ASN which are shared with all staff through the ‘rainbow folders’ and the ‘On The Button’ computer system.
• Run tutorial classes for pupils with more significant needs to support them with their studies
• Run catch up reading classes in S1 and S2 for pupils with weak literacy skills
• Organise the Paired Reading programme in S1 to encourage reading for pupils with weaker literacy skills
• Coordinate the team of Learning Assistants to ensure pupils with ASN are supported effectively in class
• Work co-operatively in classes and in consultation with subject teachers to help make the curriculum accessible for all pupils
• Run the Break and Lunch Club to support vulnerable pupils at these times
• Administer the SQA special exam arrangements for those with specific learning difficulties
• Work with parents, pupils, external agencies and teachers to write and update Additional Support Plans (ASPs) and Individual Educational Plans (IEP)
• Run ‘The Nurture Group’ to support vulnerable pupils in S1 and S2
• Work with colleges, universities and employers to support transition from school to further education or employment.

Parents who have any concerns or questions about their child’s learning are encouraged to contact the Support for Learning Leader.

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