The Photography Event

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The Photography Event

By joining this Photography event you have 2 opportunities. Firstly, you will contribute to the school archive and secondly, you may win one of the three prizes.
So what is the Photography Event?
This is an opportunity for you to contribute your photographs that you take from now on until the deadline. These are specifically photographs of James Gillespies School and the direct internal and external environment. These photographs will be placed in a Time capsule, within the grounds during the school new build. In years to come, we do not know how these photographs will be perceived or when they will be viewed. These photographs will be placed on the floor in the hall for viewing. A visiting photographer and lecturer will select images that will be awarded a prize and then they will all be placed into the time capsule.
Tell me more about the photographs I could take?
The purpose of the photographs is to tell your story of your time at James Gillespies as an image. You may take photographs on your camera or mobile phone. These photographs should be your personal memory of the school. It may be the door handle you open everyday, worn and discoloured from constant use, the scuff on the wall as every ones bag catches when passing, the broken desk or chair, the stairwell on the way to a class, the shifting crowd between classes, the dent in the wall from the door banging, the corridor, the area you shelter in from rain at lunch etc.
I am not a photographer though
Prizes will not be given for the most immaculately sharp, professionally produced photograph. The most important aspect of this project are your ideas. The thought and consideration behind your photographs is what is important. Consider how you select and compose your photograph. You can enter as many photographs as you like. There is no minimum or maximum allowance.
The Photography Event
If I wish to enter, what do I do next?
You start to take photographs around the school grounds. You visit Mr Wallace in the Art Department to register your interest and you can also ask any questions you wish.
What is the deadline and what do I need to hand in?
THE DEADLINE WILL BE WEDNESDAY 24TH APRIL AT 4PM On the handing in day, you must include details on the back of the photograph.  

  • Your Name  
  • Tutor Group

Your photographs do not need to be mounted.
Your photograph should be printed and realistically no larger than 10”x 8” Hand them to Mr Wallace in the Art Department.
The 3 photographs that show imagination and are deemed to demonstrate an intuitive approach to this photography event even will be awarded a prize. Notification of this will be emailed to class tutors.
Russell Wallace
Image: Elliot Erwitt USA. 1988. NYC. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day