Your New Pupil Voice

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Your New Pupil Voice
Back row (Malavika Venkatesh, Michael Barker, Shona Macleod, Mairi Treanor-Taylor, Hannah Nicol, Shona Curtis-Walcott) Front row (Danish Faisal, Alistair Parsons Trucco, Laith Cameron-Hunwick, Thomas Day-Lewis)

Back row
(Malavika Venkatesh, Michael Barker, Shona Macleod, Mairi Treanor-Taylor, Hannah Nicol, Shona Curtis-Walcott)
Front row
(Danish Faisal, Alistair Parsons Trucco, Laith Cameron-Hunwick, Thomas Day-Lewis)

It’s a new year at Gillespie’s, and with that comes a new Pupil Voice. This year’s Pupil Voice is made up of ten 6th year pupils: Danish Faisal, Shona Macleod, Michael Barker, Shona Curtis-Walcott, Thomas Day-Lewis, Mairi Treanor-Taylor, Alistair Parsons Trucco, Malavika Venkatesh, Laith Cameron-Hunwick and Hannah Nicol. This year is the first year that the whole school will be situated together in the new school building. As a Pupil Voice, we have thought carefully over the summer about what we want to achieve, and how we can get the opinion of the pupils heard. We hope that we will be able to boost the community spirit that Gillespie’s is known for, now that all of us are back together in one campus. We aim to make our updated surroundings as welcoming as the Lauderdale campus was before, and aim to keep the voices of students at Gillespie’s heard throughout important dilemmas that will no doubt exist as we transition from the old building to our new one. We have written short biographies so that you can get to know each of us:

Malavika – “Hi, I’m Malavika. I’m studying Maths, Physics and Chemistry this year and hope to bring creative ideas to the school through Pupil Voice.”

Michael – “Hey, I’m Michael and I’m very excited to be a part of Pupil Voice. I am studying History, English, Music and Drama for 6th year, and I hope to go to drama school when I leave Gillespie’s. I have a strong interest in the performing arts, and take part in many of the shows our school puts on throughout the year, as well as amateur theatre in my spare time.”

Shona M – “Hiya I’m Shona, an S6 student at James Gillespie’s this year, and I am studying Advanced Higher Biology, A Level Art and Higher Chemistry. In my free time I enjoy playing sports and I hope to bring new ideas to the Pupil Voice.”

Mairi – “Heyy I’m Mairi, I’m doing three sciences this year and hope to study medicine next year – I’m quite new to the school so hopefully I can bring forward lots of fresh ideas.”

Hannah – “Hey, my name is Hannah. In my last year at James Gillespie’s I am studying Higher German, Advanced Modern Studies and English. I am very interested in music and have enjoyed being part of the school’s clarsach ensemble. I hope this years pupil voice can really make a difference!!”

Shona C-W – “Hi, my name is Shona and I’m currently studying Maths, Physics, German and Mechanics, and I’m hoping to study Physics at university. In my free time I dance and teach swimming, and I’m looking forward to being part of the S6 pupil voice this year!”

Danish – “Hi, my name is Danish. During my free time I love playing rugby and badminton. I’m currently taking Advanced Higher Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths, and I hope to study medicine or engineering later on at university. I’m looking forward to making a contribution to the school.”

Alistair – “Hello, I’m Alistair and I’m looking forward to being a part of Pupil Voice this year. I’m hoping to go on to study Maths when I leave school, and I enjoy baking in my spare time. I look forward to representing the voice of the pupils at such an exciting time.”

Laith – “Hi, my name is Laith. I’m a senior student at James Gillespie’s High School with a passion for sport and music. In my sixth year of school, I study at Advanced Higher level: English, Chemistry, Biology and Music. I hope in the future to study Politics or Psychology.”

Thomas – “Hi, I’m Thomas and I’m looking forward to a great final year of school. I’m studying History and English this year, and I’m hoping to study History further when I leave school . In my free time, I like to play American football and watch horror films.”

Throughout the year we will keep you in touch with the fundraising events that we host, and the progress we gain in achieving our targets. If you have any questions, you can email us at:

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